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Felted Soaps & The Twisted Purl: Cleaning Up Our Act

Felted Soaps new Packaging

Felted Soaps new Packaging

The Twisted Purl creates Felted Soaps and ships them nationwide.  Our Felted Soaps sell both wholesale/bulk and of course individually.  In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, The Twisted Purl has changed the way we package our Felted Soaps.

In the past, each felted soap was individually packaged in a plastic bag.  We are no longer using these.  As pictured above, the Felted Soaps now have a banded sleeve made from recycled paper.  The sticker on the back still lets the customers know about the product.  This allows you to feel and smell the soaps easier too!

If you know of a store who would like to carry our Felted Soaps, please let them know to check out

This is just one small way The Twisted Purl is trying to “Clean up our Act!” and be more Eco-Friendly.  If you want to see more products from The Twisted Purl, please check out our Etsy Shop.  Thank you!

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  1. Hi this is Janice from citysalvage and design
    I would like info on ur sweater soaps and other products for whole sale pricing
    Message me at so I can place an order

    1. Thanks Janice! Sending you information now. 🙂

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