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Felted Soap by The Twisted PurlFelted Soap is an exquisite gift for yourself or to give to someone else. There is no need for a wash cloth or a loofah…just take your new felted soap into the tub or shower and it gently exfoliates your skin. As you use, the wool will continue to felt (shrink) around the bar of soap until you are left with a little scrubby, perfect for use during cleaning.


*Prolongs life of soap

*Fun to use

The soap bar is wrapped in multiple layers of wool fibers and then felted, or manipulated, until all the wool has matted and adhered to the surface of the soap.



*Price includes shipping. If you’d like a specific color, please include note during checkout. Otherwise you will get a brightly colored soap with a variety of colors.

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Custom Colors Wholesale Bulk Felted Soap with Labels by The Twisted PurlFAQ

What is Felted Soap?

Felted Soap is a bar of real soap, with wool felted over the surface. The process of ‘felting’ makes the wool adhere and mat together so it forms a solid coat over the soap.

Why Use Felted Soap?

First and foremost, using Felted Soap is Good Clean Fun! The soap suds come through the wool. The wool will help to exfoliate your skin, so there is no need for an extra washcloth or loofah. The wool makes the soap less slippery. Felted soap has a much longer life span than your typical bar of soap. Lastly, Felted Soap is pretty. That’s why I like to use it. 😉

What Kind of Soap do you Use?

A large 4.25 ounce bar of Yardley’s gentle Oatmeal & Almond bar combines real oat grains and almond essence. It has a very pleasant light smell.

We are happy to make a custom order for you with specific colors or with a different brand of soap, additionally pricing may apply.

CLICK HERE for a more detailed description of how The Twisted Purl makes felted soap. (PLEASE NOTE: we no longer use raffia as pictured in blog post link. Each bar is individually labeled with The Twisted Purl Sheep Logo & Felted Soap Bands made from recycled kraft paper with product information on back.)

Felted Soap Wholesale The Twisted Purl

Our Felted Soaps are available in 90+ retailers worldwide & through our website, local shop, at The Twisted Purl shows & festivals, and our Etsy Store.


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  1. Interested in purchasing some of your soap line to have in my store.

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