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Chased the Super Blue Blood Moon

Woke up at 4:30 am to run outside to see the Super Blue Blood Moon. Looked up and just saw a super big moon in the sky.

I failed to ask the great and powerful google what time we would actually see the lunar eclipse.

Found out it didn’t start until 5:55 so Mr. Sandman and I had a brief rendezvous.

Did get up in time to kiss the hubby goodbye and walk him to his truck to see the eclipse starting. The Moon was turning dark. Pretty cool. But this wasn’t a Pink Floyd album, I wanted to see it red!!!

Went back inside, made coffee (the elixir of life), then debated on waking the boys. My boys are wonderful humans but something happens, especially to my youngest (who’s 14), in the wee hours of the morning. They tend to become cantankerous, disgruntled beasts.

It’s about 6:15 now and I’m watching the NASA feed and listening to the news talk about how cool it would be if we lived on the west coast…yeah yeah.

Still debating with myself on battling the beasts. A Super Blue Blood Moon hasn’t happened 150 years! What kind of mother would I be for not forcing this experience on my teens?

It’s now 6:30, went back outside, and the moon was more than half covered but almost sinking behind the houses. That was my sign. I ran back inside and woke up the boys. Ready to hear all kinds of “lame…noooo…but sleep…blah blah”. They surprised me by both being excited.

Wrapped in blankets, we clambered across the street to see it.

By wrapped in blankets, literally the boys rolled out of bed in their undies, bare feet, and wrapped blankets around themselves. Thankfully for the undies, IF there was a unfortunate blanket slip, the Super Blue Blood Moon would still be the only moon the neighbors experienced.

They both saw the partially covered moon, said “cool and thanks”, then went straight back to bed.

At 6:55, when the moon was fully covered, I went back to their rooms to check if they wanted to see if we could still even seen it.

They both popped back up….re-wrapped themselves and went back outside. No moon. Walked across the street. Still no moon. Walked into the neighbors driveway to try to peak around the houses and trees. No freaking moon.

The suggestion was made to drive. Like we could catch it if we hurried! Jumping in the car we took off. Heading west. (mind you we are all still wrapped in blankets). Each turn we took, the certainty was there that just over the next hill we’d see this beautiful Blood Moon sinking into the horizon. We drove for about ten minutes then gave up. Brady exclaimed the sun must of chased it away.

As we drove back home, I apologized we didn’t get to see it again. Brady said it was still really great and he would remember this morning for the rest of his life.  Awww!!!

Isn’t it funny how at times the thing we think we want the most is just out of sight? We are chasing and chasing it and so focused on it we miss the moments happening now. This morning was a beautiful reminder of how this moment means the most.

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