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Felting Soaps!

Hey Everyone! This week has gone by soooo quickly, but it has been a full one in the Twisted Purl studio!  On Tuesday, I had a pretty simple day in the studio.  Cyndi was getting ready for the Raspberry Pi Bake-Off, and was busy programming her creature, so I helped her by making some carded batts.  She needed Spring colors, which as you all know is quite difficult for me.  I think these are my best happy carded batts so far!

xxxx Here is Cyndi working on her Pi.  (And probably giving herself a headache.)

x  xx xxx I love looking at all of them lined up on the counter.

There are lots of bright pinks and yellows going on in these.  They are super bright, which was a lot easier to handle with the weather outside being so beautiful.

This Thursday I finally got to meet Kate!  We didn’t have much time to talk because we got straight to work learning how to make felted soaps!  Although we both knew the ins and outs of labeling and packaging, and even knew how the soaps were made, we had never made them ourselves.  Cyndi is a felted soap pro.  She told us about the science experiment that was figuring out how to make the felted soaps the best way possible.  After trying many different methods, she discovered the ultimate way to felt soaps.  (Which is why hers are the best ever.)  She passed her knowledge on to Kate and me, and we were able to practice together.  I’m excited to see how the soaps we made turned out.  Next week we get to learn how to make some designs on felted soaps!  Wow!  Here are some of the soaps as we were making them.

xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx

The last two yellow ones are my favorite.  (One made by Kate and one made by me.)  They remind me of little popcorns!  Or golden eggs!

Until next week!

Zoe B.

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Back to Basics: Labeling and Knitting

Hey Guys!  My week at The Twisted Purl was pretty short due to some more bad weather around these parts.  It is supposed to warm up next week.  I’m just hoping it will finally turn into Spring like it has in the studio.  I went back to my roots at The Twisted Purl by helping with the labeling and packaging of Spring time soaps.  All of the colors are so happy, and most of the soaps that was labeled are already on their way to stores around the world.  Here are some photos of all of the soaps on the table.  Cyndi had arranged some of them into this cute heart shape before I even arrived.

photo 1            photo 2

When we were all done labeling, I looked into the bucket we had been depositing the labeled soaps into, and it was overflowing.  Cyndi said she wished she could just keep that bucketful for when Christmas hits next year, since she can barely make soaps as fast as people order them around the holidays!

photo 3

After finishing up with the soaps, Cyndi helped me remember how to knit.  Granted, I’ve never been a good knitter.  I’ve always had my mom to start and stop for me, and I’ve only ever made very simple scarves with very even and machine made yarn.  I had to learn again on the yarn I made myself, which for those of you who read my last post know, the yarn was very uneven and crazy.  Some parts of the little splotch I knitted are very nice looking, some are too thick, and some are so thin that they are curling up on themselves.  Here is the finished product.  I think it looks like a really ugly bow-tie, or maybe even a strand of DNA.

photo 4

But this little corner of my creation actually looks decent!  The yarn here was some of the later stuff I made, so I had gotten a little bit more consistent when it comes to using a drop spindle.

photo 5

I hope everyone has a good week!  I’m going to be hoping for more Spring weather so that next week in the studio will be a very long and full one!

Until then,

Zoe B.

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Felted Soap FAQ What is it? How to make it? Where to find it?

~♥~Felted Soap 101~♥~
Felted Soap by The Twisted Purl with Rafia
What is Felted Soap?  Why use Felted Soap?  How can I make Felted Soap?
One of our best-selling items has always been The Twisted Purl’s Felted Soaps.  It’s fun and funky, unique and spectacular.  Simply put Felted Soap is “Good Clean Fun”.  It makes a fantastic gift or stocking stuffer.  Felted Soap is an excellent teacher gift, co-worker gift, or hostess gift.  It’s so cool even Martha Stewart talked about it.  The Twisted Purl’s Felted Soaps are now in stores nationwide and available at all shows and directly on our site.  Everywhere I go and just about every time I post a photograph of my Felted Soaps I’m often asked a lot of the same questions about all the details of felted soap.  So here are my frequent answers:
So, what the heck is Felted Soap???
Felted Soap is really soap.  It’s a bar of soap with bright, colorful wool wrapped around it.  Then the wool goes through a felting process.  Once felted the wool is smoothly matted and totally adhered to the surface of the soap. Again I say, YES!!!  It’s really soap!
Felted Soap by The Twisted Purl

Okay, great!  But why would I want to use Felted Soap?

First and foremost…it’s pretty.  We all want something pretty in our lives right?  Felted Soap is also practical.  The wool gently exfoliates your skin eliminating the need for a loofah or  wash cloth.  The covering around the soap helps prolong the life of the bar of soap.  So, it lasts longer!  Felted Soap is also a lot easier to hold than a slippery bar of soap, so it’s also great for kids. (seriously, it’s the only way I can get my three boys to use soap)
Felted Soap Sheep by The Twisted Purl

How do I make Felted Soap?

Mostly, lots of rubbing and patience.  Take the bar of soap and carefully wrap the wool in all directions until the entire bar is covered and no surface areas are showing through.  Next is off to the sink.  Gently soak the covered bar in steaming hot water (as hot as your hands can handle) and then start patting and very carefully rubbing the wool.  This is the most tedious part of the process.  I find if I am irritated, or my kids are having a wrestling match in the living room, felting soap is not an option.  If you rub too hard it will make the wool slip right off the bar of soap and then you have to start all over.  If you rub one area too much it can expose part of the bar of soap, which is no good.
Once the wool feels like it is more secure in its place, then you can start being more rough with the wool.  Put the bar into alternating hot and cold water to help the felting process.  Eventually, you have a completed bar of felted soap.  Over the years, I’ve perfected my wrapping and felting techniques and now am able to make bars of Felted Soap fairly quickly (even if there’s a wrestling match happening in the living room).  So, practice makes perfect!
Soapy Felted Soap by The Twisted Purl


That sounds like a lot of work…can I just buy Felted Soap?
What kind of soap do you use?
A large 4.25 ounce bar of Yardley Oatmeal & Almond bar combines real oat grains and almond essence. It has a very pleasant, light scent. Helps to soothe and defend against dry skin & irritation with the pure extracts and essential oils. Never tested on animals (unless you count my boys). Paraben & Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free.
Seriously, over the years I have felted A LOT of soaps!  I’ve tested many markets with many brands and found most customers appreciate the scent of this soap, plus it felts up nicely. Yes, you definitely can felt others brands of soap including handmade soaps (which I so wish there were enough hours in the day to make my own), but I prefer to use this brand.
Fetled Soaps by The Twisted Purl
(PLEASE NOTE: we no longer use raffia as pictured in blog post link. Each bar is individually labeled with The Twisted Purl Sheep Logo & Felted Soap Bands made from recycled kraft paper with product information on back.)
The Twisted Purl now offers Felted Soaps wholesale to stores nationwide.  If you have found our soaps in a store, let us know!  We’d love to hear what you think.  If you are a store interested in ordering, please go to The Twisted Purl Wholesale Felted Soap Page to learn more information about ordering wholesale and bulk felted soaps.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll happily answer them here.
Remember Felted Soap is ‘Good Clean Fun’ and makes a great, unique gift.
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The Day 1,392 Bars of Soap Arrived

We have been selling a lot of Felted Soap to many Retail Stores worldwide. Recently, my online source for soaps ran out.  Oh no!  I had to figure out a place to get my soaps and fast.  I knew one place I had to order from in very large quantities, spending a very large amount of cash at a time, and having to wire transfer money to the company for payment.  Seriously, in this day and age…who doesn’t take credit cards?   I went ahead and put in the large order.

Now, I always think things are going to take longer than they actually do.  I guessed it’d be a couple of weeks before I’d see the soapy boxes and figured I had all the time in the world to clean out space in my cluttered garage.

The rumble of the HUGE Big Rig stopping in front of my house this afternoon told me otherwise.  Now, today was a felting day (so I was pretty messy) but I made a mad dash for shoes and ran outside to greet a very burly bearded gentleman.  I would not have been surprised if he told me he was kin to the Duck Dynasty crew.  Huge guy, but a real sweetheart.

He was given the wrong address and of course was expecting a business address, not a residential.  Really?  Who gets 1,392 bars of soap delivered to their door? Maybe doomsday preparers, Kate plus 8, and just me!


I ran out and squeaked “You have soap for me?”

He replied in a gruff, manly voice “I don’t know what I got but are YOU The Twisted Purl???”

I giggled and said “Yes sir!!!”

Guess he had already called the company and they told him to return the soap.  So thankful I had run out right when I did!  I explained I didn’t think he was coming for a week or so and apologized for not having the help for him to unload.  He said it was just a little pallet, so no biggie.

I watched him hop in the lift of his truck and open it up.  In the very back of the huge truck sat my pallet.  It definitely looked small compared to the massive inside of his truck and the size of the man unloading.  He pushed the pallet up my driveway and set it down next to the garage.  I thanked him kindly and he said he was just happy to not have to take it back and still had time for lunch.


Once the pallet was in front of my garage and almost the same size as the front of my Tahoe I knew this wasn’t a “Small Pallet”.  I quickly made space in the garage for the pallet and up-wrapped the plastic.  Wow!  29 boxes, each weighing about 15 pounds was some heavy lifting.  I had to move all the boxes off the pallet, move the pallet into the garage, then move all the boxes back onto the pallet.


Weight training for the day done!  My boys arrived home shortly after all the heavy lifting was done.  They hopped up on the boxes and demanding photos be taken of them with all the soap.


They are just super lucky the nice delivery man didn’t come an hour later.  I’d have put them to work!  Before today, the most soaps I had ever ordered at one time was close to 200 bars.

Now the real work begins!  Time to start felting 1,392 bars of soap.  Whew!

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Clean up your act!!!

Available now: Christmas Coal Felted Soap in Bag

Christmas Coal Felted Soap in Bag Gift Stocking Stuffer Funny Soap
Christmas Coal Felted Soap in Bag Gift Stocking Stuffer Funny Soap Christmas Coal Felted Soap in Bag Gift Stocking Stuffer Funny Soap Christmas Coal Felted Soap in Bag Gift Stocking Stuffer Funny Soap Christmas Coal Felted Soap in Bag Gift Stocking Stuffer Funny Soap Christmas Coal Felted Soap in Bag Gift Stocking Stuffer Funny Soap

Know someone who is on Santa’s Naughty List? Tell them to clean up their act this Christmas by giving them a bag of Coal Felted Soap.

Soap pieces are covered in Black Wool and Felted

Felted Soap is an exquisite gift. There is no need for a washcloth or a loofah, just take your new felted soap into the tub or shower and it gently exfoliates your skin. As you use, soap suds come right through and the wool will continue to felt (shrink) around the bar of soap until you are left with a little scrubby, perfect for use during cleaning.

*Three pieces of Coal Felted Soap (individually felted)
*Muslin Cotton Bag Hand Stenciled ‘COAL’
*Cute Santa Clean up Your Act Tag

Front Tag:

Santa says
‘Clean up Your Act’

Back Tag:
Christmas Coal
Felted Soap
Use in Shower or Tub
It’s Good Clean Fun

Photographed is example of Bag, Tag, & Soap you will receive. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas! ♥

We wholesale our Felted Soaps to stores Nationwide and would be happy to Wholesale this product as well, please send us a conversation if interested. Thank you!

You can buy this item in our Etsy Shop: Click here