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Carded Batts, Felted Soaps, & Interns oh my

Carded Batts Spinning Fiber
Carded Batts

Some times my world is a bright and colorful place.  This was what I worked with all day long. Carded Batts for new Felted Soap orders. I’m very grateful and been extremely blessed recently with a bunch of my retail stores reordering on a surprisingly frequent basis. It’s so wonderful to hear how well the soaps are doing in your stores! Your success and continued business really means the world to me.
Things have gone so well the hubby and I have talked about bringing in an intern or two come the beginning of the fall semester. Another set of hands will definitely help speed up the slower production times I’ve generated lately!
It’s an exciting prospect of bringing in an intern and teaching them what it’s really like to run a fiber arts business. I have tons to share and hope to maybe pass on my passion or a small slice of it to the next generation.
But with an intern comes great responsibility.  So, still debating!

Finished Felted Soaps from Carded Batts
Finished Felted Soaps from Carded Batts

Above pictured are 200 finished Felted Soaps created from top photographed carded batts.  These beauties are heading out to stores across the nation.  More information about our wholesale felted soaps found here.