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You design your very own handspun yarn created by The Twisted Purl.  Watch through our Facebook Page as your yarn goes through the handmade journey from Fluff to String.

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For more details about the entire process and your options, please read the product description below and see the various photographs for examples of different yarn creations.

Please chose your custom yarn options (please add note during checkout for “Other”color preference):



Finished handspun yarn by The Twisted Purl tends to sell very fast!  Because you have asked, here’s an option to create your very own yarn. Designed with your specifications and handmade just for you, with the yarn’s journey shared via social media.  Read below for all the details, and please do not hesitate to ask if you have questions or would like a different option not listed.


Each skein of yarn is made from 4 ounces of fiber and will be between 100-150 yards depending on textures and options. (note 2-ply yarn will be 50-75 yards)

Yarn Fiber used may include: wool, alpaca, silk, angelina, firestar, up-cycled yarn bits, milk fiber, bamboo, and more

You will receive a photograph of the finished yarn for approval before shipment.  Not what you expected?  No biggie!  We can start again with tweaks.


  • Texture (with lots of added goodies like up-cycled yarn and other chunky, funky, fun) add none, a little, or go wild and add loads!
  • Sparkle (like bling? this is your option! Finished yarn will have firestar or angelina added which gives the yarn a sparkle for lots of oooohs and ahhhhs) add none, a little, or shine on my friend!
  • Yarn Type Thread Ply is a single spun yarn plied with a heavy thread in a complementary color to the yarn (this is the typical yarn The Twisted Purl makes. The thread pushes out the fibers, makes the skein softer, and the texture bursts through).  Two Ply yarn is plied with itself (the yardage will be less but the yarn has more structure)
  • Color (you chose what you want) Chose from Cool Combos (blues, greens, deep purples), Warm Combos (red, oranges, yellows),  Rainbow (all the colors not always in ROYGBIV format unless requested), Natural (all neutral, browns, creams, all natural colors), Other (you tell me what you want, what you really, really want and I’ll make it!)

NOTE: Please allow 1-2 weeks for creation of your yarn. Most of the time your creation is made immediately, unless we have several orders ahead of you.  Also please know that each skein of yarn created is a one of a kind work.  You are adding the basic elements of the creation while still giving The Twisted Purl artistic freedom to let the yarn turn into its own creation.  If you are unhappy with the end product (you will get a photograph of the yarn to approve), please just let me know and another yarn will made with added tweaks.


The handmade journey of your custom handspun yarn creation is shared through our Facebook Page using your first name. You can watch how the yarn’s created from a basketful of carefully, hand selected fluff, to the carded batt (made on our drum carder), to the finished yarn created just as you’ve selected. Below is an example of a handmade journey creation “From Fluff to String”.

20130613-145654.jpg20130613-145917.jpg 20130613-145833.jpg

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