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Open Appointments One on One Lessons

Can’t figure out that stitch? What on earth does this pattern mean? What the heck did I do!?  These are questions we answer every day at The Twisted Purl.  We LOVE our customers and really do love being able to be here to help you through that sticky situation.  After all a happy stitcher makes the world a much better place!
Back during Austin’s football days, his coach would yell out “HELP SESSIONS!” whenever a kid would need more help getting through something.  Most of the time this meant way more sit ups, push ups, and tons of running. Football Help Sessions weren’t necessarily a good thing, but Stitching Help Sessions can be a blast!

We have a shop policy where if the yarn is purchased from here, and the problem is something we can easily walk you through, bring it! We’ll get you back on track. BUT if we need to give you extensive help (more than 15 minutes or so…) then you might need a Help Session!  This is the beauty of having a local yarn shop in your neighborhood. We can’t wait to get you back on your way to happy stitching.

EVERY THURSDAY, at The Twisted Purl, we have open appointments available for one on one lessons. Help Sessions!!! Starting at noon we have knowledgeable folks in the shop to assist you with any issue that might arise for both knitting and crochet.  The cost is $10 for an hour. Our last appointment is at 4:00, so stop on in if you need help.  Reserve your one on one time to learn how to knit or crochet as well.

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