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From Fluff to String Handspun Yarn Progression

The handspun yarn creation is always fun to see from the beginning to the end. Been quite a long time since I have shared a “From Fluff to String” post so here goes!

This is the basket of fluff.  It is full of locks and upcycled yarn (for texture), angelina (for sparkle), BFL, Milk Fiber (for shine), and a touch of alpaca.Basket of Fluff March 2016

Next up, all the above fluff goes through a Drum Carder.  The carder takes all the fiber and blends it together into a fun and manageable batt.  Here’s the picture of the batt:Carded Batt March 2016

Lastly, I get to spinning.  The above carded batt gets drafted and spun, twisted and turned through my spinning wheel.  Here is the finished handspun yarn:Handspun Yarn March 2016

It’s exactly 100 yards and is available in our local yarn shop now, and will be online soon (if it doesn’t get claimed first!).  If you are interested in it, please send me a message on Facebook or here.

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful spring weather!

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Handmade for Arkansas Tornado Relief

rofit benefit Tornado Victims

Handspun Yarn by The Twisted Purl

Tornadoes ripped through Arkansas on April 27th, 2014.  Our thoughts and prayers are with our neighboring cities of Vilonia and Mayflower and all those dealing in the aftermath of this natural disaster.  Blessed my family was spared from the utter, unbelievable amount of destruction this powerful storm caused, this hit too close to home.  My heart is breaking for those affected.

Yesterday, I traveled to Little Rock from Conway, on Interstate 40.  At Mayflower, I drove directly through the devastated path the tornado left.  The massive scale of the scene was too much to take in and the amount of wreckage was unbelievable.  There were RV’s stacked and twisted together, concrete buildings only half standing, and a tremendous amount of indescribable loss.

After seeing everything first hand, I knew I had to help.  There are many ways people of Arkansas are banding together and I’m proud being part of this state.  (We are #ArkanSTRONG)   I’m just one person, one small handmade business, but I know that every bit helps.  The news reported a $10 donation to the American Red Cross can give two blankets to victims.

In the wake of the tornado, not only are people involved, but pets too.  Our local Humane Society has a number of lost, injured, or orphaned pets in need of care and shelter. They are hosting an Arkansas Tornado Pet Relief Effort.  They are raising more funds to help with the surplus of activity they are experiencing.

For the entire month of May, The Twisted Purl will give:

10% of all profits to the American Red Cross

10% of all profits to the Humane Society of Pulaski County

A portion of our gross profits from any purchase from The Twisted Purl Etsy shop,  website store, or from one of our shows this month will be donated to the above charities.

Etsy Make a DifferenceThere are a few other local handmade Etsy shops helping to raise funds for the Humane Society of Pulaski County  as well.  All have agreed to give at least 10% of their May gross profits!

Any purchase from the shops listed on this Facebook Page: Arkansas Strong: Etsy’s Tornado Pet Relief Effort Fundraiser will benefit the Humane Society.I’ll be adding the handspun yarn photographed above and more to my Etsy shop.  There are a few other handmade items, including our felted soaps, available.

By no means do I want to profit from this disaster, just want to help raise extra funds I would not otherwise be able to contribute.  Below are more resources for different ways you can help.

Additional ways to help:

The Made Thing has a couple posts:

AR Scene has put together this information:

Donate funds directly to the American Red Cross

Donate to the Humane Society of Pulaski County

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It’s F-F-Freeeezing!

This week was full of lots of fibery fun.  Zoe is back to finish her internship and a brand new intern, Kate, started too!Freezing Hand Painted FiberThursday was FREEZING!  Zoe and I dyed fibers.  Within minutes the hot steaming fiber, hanging up to dry, turned into fibercicles.

Basket full of fiberAlso, I made a couple new yarns.

Carded Batts created from basket of fluffFinished Handspun Yarn

Finished Handspun YarnOne more made this last week too!  This one was a demonstration for Kate to show her how the drum carder and spinning wheel work.  Here’s the basket of fluff:

Basket of FiberBecause I was sharing the process with Kate, I missed taking a photograph of the carded batt.  Below is the picture of the finished yarn:

Handspun YarnLastly, the week was full of lots of new felted soaps:

Felted Soaps by The Twisted PurlSorry for all the pictures and few words, but this week was crazy busy!

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It’s been an all Natural Kind of Week

Daisy Covered with BlanketOur sweet dog, Daisy, is great at covering up and hiding. She actually pulls the folded blankets up off the back of the couch and wraps herself up in them!  Sometimes she even pulls multiple blankets and makes a comfy looking blanket fort for herself.  But, put a handmade sweater on her she looks like she has been given a death sentence.  Go figure!

The start of the new year has been a bit like that for me, I’ve wanted to just stay in bed with the blanket over my head.  No real reason!  Just with all this cold weather, my toasty bed is just such a warm, comfy spot.

Staying in bed is not an option though!  I’m a work from home mom of three boys and run a full time (over time/all the time) company.  I definitely love every moment of it, but it keeps me busy!

This week, I’ve received a custom order for an all natural, alpaca scarf.  Alpaca naturally come in a variety of beautiful colors.  Here’s the basket of fluff, containing a good color mix of alpaca.  All Natural Alpaca Variety ColorsI’m particularly found of this alpaca. It came from my favorite local alpaca farm, here in Conway.  Once I picked free the few pieces of hay remaining in the fiber, I blended the colors together through a drum carder.  Below are the carded batts created.Carded Batts All Natural AplacaThe fiber then went through the spinning wheel and turned into a new all natural alpaca handspun yarn.All Natural Aplaca Handspun YarnFinally, below is the finished scarf.  This was a custom order and will be given as a birthday present next weekend. Hope she loves it!Finished Alpaca ScarfFinishing up the week on a natural note, I made several new sets of wool felted dryer balls.All Natural Dryer BallsLots of exciting things are coming up in the next week.  We have a new intern starting on Tuesday!  Zoe is starting back on Thursday too. 🙂 Lots of new goodies are coming your way.

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Cupid Puked Pink all Over the Studio

Pink and Purple Fibers ready to steam after dye I had a massive dyed day the other day and guess what the major color theme was?  Yup!  Cupid just came along and puked pink all over the studio.  With Valentine’s Day coming up and spring just around the corner, it was time to bust out the pink shades. Here are the fibers hanging up to dry:

Pink Wool DryingOnce dried, I blended a few of the colors together with both more reds and some yellows and created these carded batts:

Pink Carded battsFrom the card batts I felted a few soaps.  Retail Stores want Valentine’s Day Soaps for their stores.I Heart Felted Soap

Giving soap to a loved one is a funny thought for the holiday of love.  They do make excellent teacher, family, or co-worker gifts.  Unless you need to tell your significant other they stink or to clean up their act….then by all means! Felted Soap is the perfect gift. 😉Pink Spring Felted SoapsWith the freshly dyed pink fibers, I also created a new “Fluff to String” handspun yarn.  Here is the basket of fluff:Basket of carefully selected fibers to be turned into Handmade YarnThe Carded Batt:

Carded Batt created from Basket of FluffThe Finished Handspun Yarn:

Handmade Yarn Valentine's DayThis yarn is now available in our store. Check it out!

close up of semi-coiled handspun yarnWhat are you up to for Valentine’s Day?  Do you have lots of crafty things in store?  I’d love to hear all about it. ♥