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WordCamp Fayetteville 2013

WordCamp Fayetteville 2013 Attendee

WordCamp Fayetteville 2013 is this weekend.  I’m so excited to attend!  The schedule is out and I’ve gone through the class options trying to decide which ones will most benefit my website and my level of WordPress knowledge.

WordCamp is an opportunity to learn about a variety of WordPress options used on websites and blogs.  I’m a big geek and just adore learning more things to help enhance my website and make it better for you.  I’m super excited about using all this high-tech savvy stuff to promote my primitive hand craft of producing handmade yarn and fiber creations.  PLUS I love meeting people at events like this and like BarCamp.  Great place to mingle and network.  Already know of a couple awesome Conwayian’s attending (@tejones and @jeanettadarley) and look forward to meeting more cool folks from all over the state.

I’m definitely attending the session presented by Blue Zoo Creative about Graphic Design Trends and Responsive Design…They are promising bananas after all. 😉  I also think I’ll be listening to Rebecca Haden impart her vast SEO wisdom. Totally torn over a few other classes.  I really want to hear Cotton Rohrscheib‘s session and more about his experiences with wild dingos…ha!  But I’m thinking I need to learn more about making better use of my Sidebars from Bryan Alexis.  Unfortunately those are at the same time.  Ugh!!!  Why can’t I attend them all?!?!?  So many choices.  I’m still working out a few more of the sessions I’ll be attending, but they all really look excellent.

Are you going?  Which classes are you most excited about?

If you want to attend, you can still get a ticket here.  Hope to see you there!