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Vermont Beads & Fibers

In the lovely town of Middlebury, VT lays a jewel of a shop. Vermont Beads & Fibers has it all. I can not tell you how at home I was in this shop. My sister, Megan, loves beads. She was quite happy making bracelets while I browsed the fiber. They carry hand painted roving by Cherry Tree Hill. I had to grab a couple bags and also got some great felting fiber.

The shop had so much character. Really, you can’t help but to adore it.To the right when you walked in the shop was a fantastically large spinning wheel.Megan sat down to make bracelets and I couldn’t help but to grab a skein of yarn off the shelf and open up a pair of new needles just so I could sit and knit a bit. The yarn I couldn’t resist was made by Laughing Tree Farm and was a delicious blend of Kid Mohair and Merino Wool. It was handspun and hand dyed. The new knitting needles were also handmade, by Lakewood Needle Company.

There was a tree of Cherry Tree Hill Boucle in the middle of a couple bead tables.

A whole wall of awesome yarn made right in Vermont. Look at all the colors!
This shop is by far a must if you are in the area. I have a couple other wonderful things to share about our trip, including the yarn shop where I first stumbled upon hand painted yarn. But for now, I’m beat. ♥

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