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TNNA Winter 2017 is a Blast so far!

Not a lot of time to post this week, as I’ve been diving into the wonderful winter show hosted by The National Needlearts Association. It’s been an amazing experience. This time the role is the buyer and not a vendor. Big first for me!

Absolutely thrilled to have my knitting with me on the plane. Mr Twisted and myself flew out at about 5:00 central time and chased the sun almost all the way to California. I’m still working on the blanket above for my new niece and hope to finish before we head home!

“Treat yourself!” This beauty is my car for the week. It’s my dream car and was only $10 more to rent so why the heck not?! 

Here are just a few of the new items I want to bring home for you.

What do you think? I’ll post more as soon as I stop ooooing and ahhhing and touching EVERYTHING!