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TNNA in San Jose

So flipping excited. I’m going to the TNNA show starting tomorrow!! It’s so refreshing to attend a show and not have to work it.  I’m going to shop and see all the things to see and learn all the things!

Most excited about seeing the new yarn…but it’s going to be super hard to be disciplined and not buy all the things. I’m going to set a budget and STICK TO IT!

Yeah yeah…I hear what you are all thinking “Cyndi stick to a yarn budget? Yeah right!”  But for real y’all, I’m going to try.

What is TNNA?  It’s The National Needlearts Association.  These are the people who set the standards for all the yarny things we love and adore.  I’ve been a member for awhile, and am excited to finally have the opportunity to attend one of their shows.

There are so many vendors. I honestly can’t wait!