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Top 5 Reasons Why Handmade Yarn is Better

Handspun Yarn Makes the World Go Round by The Twisted Purl

Top 5 Reasons Why  Handmade Yarn is Better:

5) Support the Handmade Movement: Each and every time you purchase Handmade Yarn you are supporting an individual person.  A person who put their finger print on each centimeter of the yarn you see.  A person who has spun love and passion into the very fibers of the yarn you will use.  You can’t find that in a mass produced yarn.


Spring Handspun Yarn Set
Can't you see the LOVE and PASSION?

Each skein of handmade yarn tells a story of creation.  You get to take that yarn and continue it’s story by molding it into something new and passing it on to the generations to come.  Most who use yarn are already a part of the handmade revolution happening across the world today.  Don’t you want your end creation to begin with the enchantment a factory can not instill?



4) Sustainability: Plain and simple, handmade yarn will endure.  It’s not something you use once then throw away.  It’s a very versatile product, can be turned into many things, and can be passed on to many generations.

By hand painting the dye into the fiber, the longevity of the color will actually surpass a vast majority of mass produced yarn.  In other words, the color will last longer, fade less, and be enjoyed by your grandchildren.


Carded Colorful Fiber
Color that Lasts!

Handmade yarn is something that can continue to be used, with minimal environmental effects and without depleting natural resources.


3) Environmentally Friendly: We all know it, so I won’t go into too much detail, Mass Production Factories are one of the causes of global warming.  Toxins leaving these companies have been known to poison the ground we walk on, the water we drink, and even the air we breath.

Handspun yarn is made by HAND.  It’s produced on a spinning wheel or by a drop spindle.  Neither use electricity to run.  Even a drum carder, used to prepare and blend fibers for spinning, is not electric.  All run on good old hand and foot power.


Powered by Hand and Foot
Powered by Hand and Foot

A vast majority of handmade yarn is made from animal fibers, not man made synthetics.  Shearing the animals does them no harm.  It’s actually more humane to shear the animals then to let their hair grow wild.   Ever seen an angora rabbit in need of a hair cut?  Not a pretty sight!  AND to top it all off, the animals themselves are even renewable resources. 😉


2) Unique:  Knitters and Crocheters can back me up here.  When you are crafting, do you put in the time and effort to make something that looks mass produced?  Do you want to be told someone saw something just like it at Walmart?  NOOOOO!  You are creating something from your heart!  You are using your hands to create something unique, special, and heartfelt.

No yarn is more unique than handspun yarn. I can dye 10 pounds of fiber, all the same colors, and spin it up and each individual skein stands as it’s own unique creation.  If you are going to take the time to make something by hand, the only way to guarantee utter uniqueness, is by using handmade yarn.


Unique Handspun Art Yarn
This is as unique as it gets!

1) It’s just plain cooler: Enter your local craft market store and go down the yarn aisle.  You are going to see rows and rows of the same shape and size yarn in a variety of colors.  Boring!  If you were to walk into your local yarn store and look through the handmade yarn sections…you will be in sensory overload!

Look at the below picture.  When you can take what’s pictured on the left and turn it into what’s pictured on the right, tell me that isn’t cool?  AND to think, it originally came off of a sheep!


Handspun Earth Yarn
Hand Painted Fiber turned into Handspun Art Yarn. Just plain cool!

Am I saying mass produced yarn is the root of all evil?  No!  Just saying handmade yarn is way cooler.

Happy Earth Day!  Please support your local markets and artisans as much as possible and happy crafting.


All yarn pictured was made by hand in Conway, Arkansas by The Twisted Purl.  Want to know more about The Twisted Purl?  Please click here.