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New Semester and a New Year!

Hey Everyone!  I’m back!!!

After a month and a half of being home, I was ready to be back to the swing of things with classes and with The Twisted Purl.  The first 2-3 weeks of being home on break are always wonderful, but by the time my family heads back to work and school I become bored out of my mind and crave something to do other than watch TV in my pajamas!  Getting back to The Twisted Purl studio the Thursday of last week was just what I needed.  Cyndi and I launched back in with our old ways.  We asked each other about our holiday activities, then Cyndi got straight to work with explaining to me all the new things going on in the studio.  She has perfected the felted soap process, and now the soaps are better than ever, and she has made a few inventory changes.  But mostly, it felt like I had never left.  Then I told her the good news: I wrote an appeal letter to a committee here at Hendrix.  They met many times to discuss the letter, and they decided that my internship can count towards one of my credits for graduation.  So this internship is actually one of my classes!  Everything you are reading and seeing here on the blog, is actually some of my class work.

On Tuesday the real fun started.  Cyndi showed me how to dye fibers.  It was a lot like the tie-dying I did as a kid.  I made some solid colored rovings, but then Cyndi let me play.  Here are some photos of the dying process, and the finished fibers.  Cyndi even spun the two best into yarn!  I think the purple yarn with the gold string is the most beautiful.

twist   twistt   twisttttt

Hand Painted Roving by Zoe   Handspun Yarn by The Twisted Purl

Hand Painted Fiber by Zoe      Handspun Yarn by The Twisted Purl

Today was an especially fun day in the Twisted Purl studio.  Cyndi took me on a class field trip ;)!  (Woo!)  We went to Hobby Lobby, and roamed around every single isle hunting for things I could use to make a beautiful art batt to be spun into an even more beautiful yarn.  I ended up selecting some ribbon with roses, a headband, some bulky purple yarn, and some green furry yarn, which I referred to as the moss creature.  It was a lot of fun laying out my loot, and choosing bits of fluff hiding around the studio to make my very first. . . . wait for it. . . BASKET OF FLUFF!!!!!!


I selected a theme for my fluff so that I would have a solid idea of what I was looking for.  And it was just fun to see how close the yarn ended up matching the theme.  My theme was Claude Monet’s Water Lilies.  (P.S. that little rose pile of black, pink, and red was the headband I tore apart.)  Then, I turned the basket of fluff into two similar carded batts.  Do you guys think they look like the water lilies I printed out that are next to them?  Then Cyndi began spinning the batt into yarn. . . .

012   013

We finished today with the final yarn, which I think turned out very well.  It has material in it that reminds me of moss, and pink like the flowers on the water lilies.  Over all, I think it is definitely a Monet Yarn. 🙂

023  016

Until next week in The Twisted Purl studio!

Zoe B.

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Arkansas Battle of the Brands The Twisted Purl: Spread the Word to Win

Win goodies from @The Twisted Purl Whole Line Giveaway plus help her win the Battle of the Brands by voting Handmade all the way!

Battle of the Brands Celebration

Final Round:  The Twisted Purl vs Whole Hog Cafe

Help us win this!!!

What a fun ride this has been!  In case you haven’t already seen me squealing everywhere I can about this competition, Arkansas Sourcelink hosted an epic Battle of the Brands for our entire state.  The Twisted Purl has been the underdog from the start and has surprisingly landed in the final round.  Everyone loves handmade!  If you would like to learn more about our journey please check out this previous blog post.

We’re in one last head to head battle versus the oh so yummy Whole Hog Cafe. Voting is still live until April 12 at 4pm CST and I really could use a quick 2 second vote.  Click here to help take handmade yarn all the way and vote for The Twisted Purl.

Win goodies from @The Twisted Purl Whole Line Giveaway plus help her win the Battle of the Brands by voting Handmade all the way!


If you do any of the following you’ll be entered to win your choice of a skein of Handspun Yarn, a bar of Felted Soap, or a set of our Felted Dryer Balls.  Winner Randomly selected after voting for this final round of Battle of the Brands is over on April 13, 2013 at 4:00 pm CST.  You can enter as many times as you like!  You can do one of these things, or do them all!  Each counts as an entry to the giveaway.

TWEET IT!  Tweet about The Twisted Purl in the Battle of the Brands and be sure to include @TheTwistedPurl so I see you.  OR you can simply Re-Tweet this:

I just helped @TheTwistedPurl in the #BattleoftheBrands with a quick vote: and you can too. Handmade for the win!


PIN IT! Pin any photo from this page and be sure to include @The Twisted Purl in your comment. (make sure you follow me on Pinterest so I see the tag)


INSTAGRAM IT!  Share a picture from our page and tag us @TheTwistedPurl use the hashtag #TheTwistedPurl or make your own funny Meme about Why Yarn is better than BBQ…or say something on Notepad….or…well you get the picture.  I just want to see it!

COMMENT ON IT!  Leave a comment on this blog post and let us know you voted.  Share the voting link: and have people vote for The Twisted Purl.  In a comment below let us know where you shared it and that’s another entry for the Giveaway.

 Tell anyone & everyone

Handmade all the way for the win!!!

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Conway Art Walk Video

Below is a video made by Eric White from The Log Cabin.  It’s of all the vendors setting up and selling during the 2nd Conway Art Walk on April 13, 2012.  Keep an eye out for one of my sheep Pompoms!  Love it!!!

The next Conway Art Walk is May 11, 2012.  I’m going to be yarn bombing a bike during the event, so stop by and check it out!

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The Twisted Purl and Conway Locally Grown

Brightly Colored Felted Soap

The Twisted Purl is now on Conway Locally Grown

Very excited to announce, The Twisted Purl has been approved as a new Artisan on Conway Locally Grown.  That means our products and items will be available on the online market for local folks to purchase and pick up.  Look for our handspun yarn, spinning fibers, felted soaps, felted dryer balls, & other handmade fiber creations at the market.

What is Conway Locally Grown?

It’s just like your local Farmers Market with one exception, the shopping and browsing is done from the comfort of your own home.  It’s an online marketplace where local farmers and artisans can list their freshly grown and made items for our local community to purchase & pickup weekly.

Want to learn more about CLG?  Please CLICK HERE to go directly to the site.  You can try the Market out a couple times before paying the annual fee (which is very affordable, only $25 a year, and well worth it).

You being a part of Conway Locally Grown gives back to our community in so many ways!  Your purchase is directly supporting a local farmer or artisan, which is AWESOME!  Next CLG is using your annual fee to help run farm tours and community building programs.  In addition, $5 of each annual fee goes directly to St. Peter’s Food Pantry.  Another $5 of each annual fee goes back into an amazing Conway Locally Grown Community Fund which enables a micro lending program, which gives back to the community.  Want to learn more?  Go check out the CLG FAQ.

Find The Twisted Purl on Conway Locally Grown
Find The Twisted Purl's Handmade Yarn, Spinning Fibers, Felted Soaps, & Dryer Balls on Conway Locally Grown


Now, the only catch is the market is only open for shopping each Sunday from 6:00 pm through Tuesday at 8:00 pm.  Shop early to ensure you get the items you want.  Things can sell out quick.  Pick up day is Friday from 4-6 pm at Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church (925 Mitchell Street, Conway AR).

Click the below link to go to an online PDF to learn even more about how it works:


We were just approved on Sunday April 22, 2012

Because we were just approved a couple days ago, we only have our Felted Soaps listed at the moment.  Next week look for a lot more items!  For now, please go check out our soaps.  The market closes tonight!

Brightly Colored Felted Soap
Brightly Colored Felted Soap is now available on Conway Locally Grown

Find our Felted Soaps on Conway Locally Grown HERE

To learn more about our Felted Soaps please click HERE