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Welcome Change

Daisy Dreading Change

Over the years, I have learned to embrace change.  My darling dog, Daisy, on  the other hand has not.  Inevitably,  every time we get out a suitcase, she hides her head under the blanket.  Runs when we pack the car.  Barks when we change the channel, well, maybe not all the time.

The Twisted Purl is undergoing some major changes.  We just moved servers so we can offer you much more yarn eye candy and goodies.  Since everything else was moving, our blog had to make the move as well.

We’re moving from our HOT MESS of an old blog found HERE to our  new site. (wooowoooo!)

Over the next couple weeks we will move some of our more popular posts.

I, unlike Daisy, am looking forward to the change.  ♥