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The Day 1,392 Bars of Soap Arrived

We have been selling a lot of Felted Soap to many Retail Stores worldwide. Recently, my online source for soaps ran out.  Oh no!  I had to figure out a place to get my soaps and fast.  I knew one place I had to order from in very large quantities, spending a very large amount of cash at a time, and having to wire transfer money to the company for payment.  Seriously, in this day and age…who doesn’t take credit cards?   I went ahead and put in the large order.

Now, I always think things are going to take longer than they actually do.  I guessed it’d be a couple of weeks before I’d see the soapy boxes and figured I had all the time in the world to clean out space in my cluttered garage.

The rumble of the HUGE Big Rig stopping in front of my house this afternoon told me otherwise.  Now, today was a felting day (so I was pretty messy) but I made a mad dash for shoes and ran outside to greet a very burly bearded gentleman.  I would not have been surprised if he told me he was kin to the Duck Dynasty crew.  Huge guy, but a real sweetheart.

He was given the wrong address and of course was expecting a business address, not a residential.  Really?  Who gets 1,392 bars of soap delivered to their door? Maybe doomsday preparers, Kate plus 8, and just me!


I ran out and squeaked “You have soap for me?”

He replied in a gruff, manly voice “I don’t know what I got but are YOU The Twisted Purl???”

I giggled and said “Yes sir!!!”

Guess he had already called the company and they told him to return the soap.  So thankful I had run out right when I did!  I explained I didn’t think he was coming for a week or so and apologized for not having the help for him to unload.  He said it was just a little pallet, so no biggie.

I watched him hop in the lift of his truck and open it up.  In the very back of the huge truck sat my pallet.  It definitely looked small compared to the massive inside of his truck and the size of the man unloading.  He pushed the pallet up my driveway and set it down next to the garage.  I thanked him kindly and he said he was just happy to not have to take it back and still had time for lunch.


Once the pallet was in front of my garage and almost the same size as the front of my Tahoe I knew this wasn’t a “Small Pallet”.  I quickly made space in the garage for the pallet and up-wrapped the plastic.  Wow!  29 boxes, each weighing about 15 pounds was some heavy lifting.  I had to move all the boxes off the pallet, move the pallet into the garage, then move all the boxes back onto the pallet.


Weight training for the day done!  My boys arrived home shortly after all the heavy lifting was done.  They hopped up on the boxes and demanding photos be taken of them with all the soap.


They are just super lucky the nice delivery man didn’t come an hour later.  I’d have put them to work!  Before today, the most soaps I had ever ordered at one time was close to 200 bars.

Now the real work begins!  Time to start felting 1,392 bars of soap.  Whew!

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The Twisted Purl and Conway Locally Grown

Brightly Colored Felted Soap

The Twisted Purl is now on Conway Locally Grown

Very excited to announce, The Twisted Purl has been approved as a new Artisan on Conway Locally Grown.  That means our products and items will be available on the online market for local folks to purchase and pick up.  Look for our handspun yarn, spinning fibers, felted soaps, felted dryer balls, & other handmade fiber creations at the market.

What is Conway Locally Grown?

It’s just like your local Farmers Market with one exception, the shopping and browsing is done from the comfort of your own home.  It’s an online marketplace where local farmers and artisans can list their freshly grown and made items for our local community to purchase & pickup weekly.

Want to learn more about CLG?  Please CLICK HERE to go directly to the site.  You can try the Market out a couple times before paying the annual fee (which is very affordable, only $25 a year, and well worth it).

You being a part of Conway Locally Grown gives back to our community in so many ways!  Your purchase is directly supporting a local farmer or artisan, which is AWESOME!  Next CLG is using your annual fee to help run farm tours and community building programs.  In addition, $5 of each annual fee goes directly to St. Peter’s Food Pantry.  Another $5 of each annual fee goes back into an amazing Conway Locally Grown Community Fund which enables a micro lending program, which gives back to the community.  Want to learn more?  Go check out the CLG FAQ.

Find The Twisted Purl on Conway Locally Grown
Find The Twisted Purl's Handmade Yarn, Spinning Fibers, Felted Soaps, & Dryer Balls on Conway Locally Grown


Now, the only catch is the market is only open for shopping each Sunday from 6:00 pm through Tuesday at 8:00 pm.  Shop early to ensure you get the items you want.  Things can sell out quick.  Pick up day is Friday from 4-6 pm at Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church (925 Mitchell Street, Conway AR).

Click the below link to go to an online PDF to learn even more about how it works:


We were just approved on Sunday April 22, 2012

Because we were just approved a couple days ago, we only have our Felted Soaps listed at the moment.  Next week look for a lot more items!  For now, please go check out our soaps.  The market closes tonight!

Brightly Colored Felted Soap
Brightly Colored Felted Soap is now available on Conway Locally Grown

Find our Felted Soaps on Conway Locally Grown HERE

To learn more about our Felted Soaps please click HERE