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Biggest Loser Arkansas Hitting a Wall

Sometimes we Hit a WallToday is Day #23 of my Biggest Loser Arkansas journey.  It has been very challenging so far!  I asked Max, one of my personal trainers, if this was going to get easier.  He said “Yes it is…then we are going to make it harder!”

Isn’t that how life goes?  Just when you think it’s getting easy, someone ups the ante and you have to work through something new and more difficult.

This week, I have hit a wall.  Plain and simple, I have to break through this foggy mess and get myself refocused and ready to tackle yet another day and another workout.


At first, I hesitated in even writing this, because I must be the one with the brave face.  I can’t show weakness because how would that motivate you to make you think you can do this too?  Well, friend, the fact is this is hard!  Getting fat is easy!!!  Taking it off is not.  But let me tell you this, I am the biggest weenie out there and if I can do this so can you.  My pastor likes to quote a friend who said  “No pain, no gain?  Heck no pain, means no pain right?”  and boy can’t we all relate.


The whole process is getting a bit mundane.  I get up, get kids to school, eat breakfast, go to gym, come home shower, dress, eat lunch, go to Little Rock gym, Personal Trainers kick my butt, come home make dinner, walk, sleep, wake up, repeat…ugh!  Boring!

I don’t need people to tell me I can do this.  I’m not writing this for you to give me a pep talk and pick me up!  I’m writing this so you know, realistically, hitting a wall is going to happen!  Hitting a wall doesn’t mean you are weak.  It doesn’t mean you are not going to succeed.  It doesn’t mean you are not able to do this.  It means that you are being honest, truthful, and realistic with yourself and your journey.  It means that you are human.  Again, I KNOW I can do this and I WILL do this, and YOU CAN DO IT TOO.  But, right now, I am so bored!

I don’t want to walk, I don’t want to go to the gym 2 times a day. I don’t want to eat healthy food.  I want a hotdog, a pizza, some freaking chocolate…SERIOUSLY.  Um, yep!  That’s me being completely honest.

Stupid Fog

But, with that being said, after I ate my boring healthy breakfast, I took a long walk.  When I started, it was so foggy outside.  I started thinking of my wall as the fog.  The stupid fog hanging over me and weighing me down.  Telling me to take a nap instead of going to the gym.  The stupid fog telling me to go eat some chocolate, you know it would be oh so yummy!  Stupid fog.

Pushing Back the Fog

Sometimes in life, things are hard.  Being a christian, doesn’t mean God swoops in and saves the day any time things get tough.  God uses walls, difficult times, “the fog” to teach you something.  That’s how you learn and grow and become a better person and a stronger christian.  The fog is there for you to work through.  We do not have perfect vision, but God does!   We can trust in Him and know He’s got this.  He always has it!

I have worked through some difficult things in my life.  Much more difficult than some stairs in an old building.  God has always been there, waiting for me, holding me, and walking with me.  This situation is no different.  This is not anywhere near dramatic as some of the happenings in my life, but you know what?  God has this, just like he had all that.  He can move mountains!  What is my little wall when I give it to Him?  Nothing but fog that I can walk right through.


As I continued my walk, the fog lifted more and more and the sun started breaking through.  I noticed my brand new workout pants.  I had bought them a couple sizes smaller than I normally would because after all, I am shrinking.  The pants are getting baggy.  I thought about yesterday and how many outfits I tried on to go to the News Broadcast (yeah, I’m that girl too) and how many of them didn’t fit right anymore.  I thought about how I was starting to feel comfortable once again in my own skin.  I saw hope.   Psalms 62:5 “Find rest O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from Him”

So yes, you are going to hit a wall.  The fog is going to swoop in and surround you.  But know, this too shall pass.  You have this.  Trust that God will carry you through this, cause He is that cool!  In the end of it all, I have faith and hope and I know the Son eventually breaks through the fog. 😉

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength & that is that!



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Biggest Loser Arkansas Approved Food List

Some things can be added to this, but the main thing is to focus on fat free items.  I also try to use things that are low sodium & low in sugar.



Chicken Breast (4oz)

Cod (6oz)

Crab (4oz)

Egg Whites (4 large)

Ground Turkey (4oz)

Lean Beef (4oz)

Lobster (4oz)

Low Fat Cottage Cheese (1 cup)

Low Fat Dannons Yogurt (1 cup)

Pollock/Haddock (4oz)

Pork Tenderloin (4oz)

Scallops (6 oz)

Shrimp (6 oz)

Skim Milk (1 cup)

Tilapia (4oz)

Tuna (canned 3 oz)

Turkey Breast (4 oz)

Greek Yogurt (1 cup)



Baked Potato (1 medium)

Bread (lowest calorie you can find, 1 slice)

Corn (1 cup)

English Muffin (1 whole)

English Peas (1 cup)

Grits (1 cup)

Oatmeal (1 cup)

Pasta (2 oz)

Rice (1 cup)

Sweet Potato (1 medium)




Broccoli (1 cup)

Brussel Sprouts (1 cup)

Cabbage (1 cup)

Carrots (1 cup)





Green Beans

Green Pepper




Red Pepper






***All Leafy Green Vegetables are GREAT!  Eat as much as you want!***



Whey Protein Shake

Bowl of Cereal with Skim Milk (& equal if needed)

Fruit with yogurt or cottage cheese

Tuna with Crackers

Chicken Breast (cold strips)

Deli Turkey (rolled slices)

Raw Fruit or Vegetables)

Sugar Free Jello or Pudding Cups

Popsicle (Sugar Free)

Greek Yogurt


Salsa is fine on everything, as is hot sauce, & fat free low calorie dressing.

See below link to see when we have been told to eat from each approved food section:
Biggest Loser Arkansas Diet Plan Given by AMAX Fitness

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Biggest Loser Arkansas Diet Plan Given by AMAX Fitness

Because I am doing such an intense workout, the diet is high in Carbs and Protein and very low in Fat.

“There is NO SUCH THING as good fat!”  No nuts, no avocados, no nothing!  If it says it has fat in it….it doesn’t belong on my plate!  Just during the intense 10 week training.  Fat Free is the key!



C=Fibrous Vegetable

Allen Maxenberger, our personal trainer, said he eats the exact same thing just about EVERYDAY!

Example Daily Diet Plan:


A: 2 eggs any style or Egg White Omelet (will post recipe)

B: 2 pieces of low calorie bread toast with small amount of jam

C: Fruit



Raw Fruit & Vegetables



A: (4-6 oz) Chicken Breast

B: 1/2 Baked Potato

C: 1 Green Vegetable

C: 1 Salad



Raw Fruit & Vegetables



A: (4-8 oz) Chicken Breast

C: Green Vegetable

C: Salad


 No food after 8pm!!!

I personally, because of my size, fat percentage, and workout regiment have to eat 1,260 Calories a day.

  • 480 Calories of Protein
  • 600 Calories of Carbs
  • <180 Calories of Fat


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Biggest Loser Arkansas: The Hard Part Starts Today

My Biggest Loser Arkansas Photo

Yesterday was a blast!  Myself and the three other contestants were announced on the noon Broadcast of KARK Channel 4 by Mallory Hardin.

Thankfully, my husband, sister, and one of my best friends came with me because it was a bit scary!  Just the idea of being on television, in HD (ahhhh), and being so open about being over weight is a bit nerve wracking.  KARK made me feel very comfortable and it was so cool to be in the studio and see all the sets I have watched every morning for the last five years!

You want to see the broadcast?  Here’s a link to Part 1 which features Janice Drew and myself.

Biggest Loser Arkansas Contest Begins, Pt. 1

In Part 2, Mallory introduces Kyle Lomax and Leah Browder, then brings us all back on stage again.

Biggest Loser Arkansas Contest Begins, Pt. 2

On top of blogging here, I will also be writing daily on KARK’s website.  To check it out and PLEASE leave any words of encouragement and cheer me on by clicking on this link: CLICK HERE

The comments have to be approved by KARK staff before being posted, so no worries if your post doesn’t show up right away.

A HUGE thanks to The Sporty Runner in Conway!  They gave all the contestants a pair of Saucony running shoes!

My new Running Shoes!

When I went into the shop to try on the new shoes, I met Don, who is one of the owners of the store.  Come to find out, he is also my neighbor!  🙂 Nice!!!  Don, you’ll soon see me out in the neighborhood in my new shoes.

After I got back to Conway yesterday afternoon, I went by my Doctor’s office just to let her know what was happening.  The staff at Stancil Raney Medicine in Conway are phenomenal!  I adore the nurses and Dr Stancil is fantastic.  After doing a physical, she gave me the all clear!  She did tell me to listen to my body.  If something feels like it is pulling too much, hold back a bit…she doesn’t want to see me with a hernia or something that could take me completely out of the competition.  She said our bodies know what is too much and I have to listen to mine!

It all starts today!  I head to Little Rock to be weighed in, get a diet plan, and start my cardio.  Wish me luck!!!  Please CLICK HERE to leave commits on the KARK contestant page.  ♥

Here’s the link to the story of how I found out I was picked as a contestant:

Biggest Loser Arkansas…um yeah, things are about to get crazy up in here!

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Biggest Loser Arkansas…um yeah, things are about to get crazy up in here!

I'm doing WHAT????

This is certainly the CRAZIEST thing I have ever done.  I am very overweight.  Have been, since my first pregnancy.  I put on 60 pounds with Austin, and continued adding to that month after month until I ended up here.  Having a second son, 15 months later didn’t help…but I make no excuses!

What I will tell you is I am sick of it!!!!!!  I love making yarn and being in front of folks talking about my art, but this weight is just too much!  I’m always afraid a person will not see the yarn, because my big ole butt will be in the way.

Since I made the choice to lose weight, I have lost close to 10 pounds already.  Now, honestly I haven’t been working out much, just starting walking a little bit and trying to watch what I eat.  I’m really clueless when it comes to proper workouts and the correct food to eat.

About a month and a half ago, in my facebook feed, I saw that my local news channel KARK was having a contest for their version of The Biggest Loser.  They were giving 4 contestants the chance to work out for 10 weeks with a personal trainer, follow a strict diet, and lose lots of weight.  On a TOTAL WHIM I applied.  I sent in the below picture.

Here’s the link to my submission: CLICK HERE  if you want to check it out!

I didn’t think there was ANY WAY I would get picked!

When I didn’t get a call for an interview, two weeks before the competition started, I thought bummer!  I wasn’t too upset because I really never thought I’d be picked.

On Tuesday, August 23, 2011 Jake, from 10 Fitness, called to ask a few questions.  It turns out they had over 300 people apply! 😮  Jake was great and easy to talk to on the phone.  He asked if I would come in to meet him in person the next day.  Of course I said YES!!!!!!

The next day, it was pouring down buckets of rain!  CRAZY!  I left a bit early so I could go slow.  Jake called and wanted to see if I’d like to reschedule because of the weather, but I was already on my way.

NO WAY a little rain was going to keep me from making this interview!

When I got there, I was crazy early!  While waiting in the parking lot  I called and got a pep talk from my sister.  I was a bit nervous, but knew God had a plan and I was just trying to walk in it.

I went in and met Jake and we talked a bit.  He asked what I do, I told him I make yarn and he acted the way most people act…

“YOU MAKE WHAT????  How the heck do you do that?”

I explained the process…not enough to bore him (at least I hope!) and he seemed impressed and said I had a really great story.  🙂  The rest of the interview went really well.  I talked about my kids and their sports and how I wish I could keep up with them.  I felt very confident I might actually have a shot at getting one of the 4 spots!

Before I left, Jake said they would be making the decision by the end of the day and I should get a call by the end of the night.  Well…that night, the phone didn’t ring!  STRIKE ONE!

I was so bummed, but didn’t count myself entirely out yet.  I kept thinking about how well the interview went.  Figured he might have just been too busy! After all he had to deal with over 300 contestants and on top of all that he was in the process of opening up a brand new 10 Fitness location.

The next morning, my darling husband, insisted I call Jake.  I was so nervous!!!  Let me tell you, I KNEW Jake had to be getting a ton of calls and the last thing he needed was one more. At that point, I was convinced I had not been picked.  I really didn’t want to bother him, but my husband insisted.

I sucked up my courage (yeah I’m a big ole chicken) and called….the phone rang and then went to voice mail 🙁 It was about 9:15 in the morning.  STRIKE TWO!

That was it!  I didn’t get.  Time to move on.  I sat down and worked out a Knitting Pattern I had in my head the last 3 years!  It felt good to get that out.

It was all good for awhile!  I knew God had a plan for me, a specific path!  Maybe I wouldn’t be as skinny as I hoped, but God was in control! I figured the 4 people picked must need it more than I did and good for them!!

My day went on and I was determined.  I was going to go join a gym.  I called the hubby and he said wait!  Don’t go pay for a membership until you hear from Jake.  Then he INSISTED I call again.


I didn’t want to call!  But, my husband is very persuasive and really wants me to fight for things I want.  Remind me to tell you my story of meeting Vickie Howell…I’m such the chicken.

You know, it takes three strikes to get out.  I had only had two strikes!

So, I built up my courage once again and called.  This time it rang 2 times and then went to voice mail.  I assumed that meant he rejected the call.  D’OH!!!

STRIKE THREE!!!  Dude, I was totally out. 🙁

That was it, game over.  I was sad for a few minutes, but then I had a wonderful repeat customer purchase 3 skeins of yarn.  She had purchased one skein the week before and sent me a sweet note that said she loved my yarn so much she had to buy more.  THAT MEANT THE WORLD TO ME.  It picked me up from my bummed out state and refocused my attention to my business.  It was really like God telling me,” it’s okay, I got this!  Trust me, I know your path.”

That was all about 3:00 in the afternoon.  The rest of my day was crazy.  My middle son, Austin, is playing football (GO JETS!) and my youngest, Brady, is playing Baseball (GO COWBOYS!) and they both had practice that night.  Uffda!

One started at 6:00, next at 7:00.  The first ended at 7:30, last ended at 8:00.  So I played the role of crazy taxi mom, running back and forth between the locations.  At about 8:00 we were at the baseball field waiting for Brady to be finished, when my cell phone rang.


Now, I have to tell you…I already had 3 strikes.  I was out!  So, in my head, he was calling just to tell I didn’t get it.

He apologized for missing my calls.  He then asked how I thought our interview went.  Now I thought “Great!  Not only is he going to tell me he didn’t pick me, he was going to tell me WHY he didn’t pick me!”  Ahhhhh!

I told him I thought it went well, but I figured since I didn’t get a call the night before, I knew where this was going!

Jake then said he also thought our interview went great, and he was happy to tell me I was going to be one of the four contestants this year for The Biggest Loser Arkansas.  After thanking him repeatedly, (& squealing a bit) I promised him I would not let him down and he said he knew I wouldn’t.

THEY PICKED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was so thrilled!  You have no idea.  It was awesome, I was at the ball park surrounded by my husband, my kids, and all the great moms my kids have played ball with over the last year.  It was perfect.
I had to call my mom, sister, step-mom & dad , best friends, grandmother, and squeal on Facebook (of course) and jump up and down, scream, & dance.

So, it’s official!  I have been chosen to be one of the four contestants for the 2011 Biggest Loser Arkansas competition.

I’m gonna be healthy, skinny, and I”M GOING TO WIN IT!!!!  Just you wait and see!

For the next ten weeks, I’ll  be sharing all about my success and struggles of being in this competition and talk about balancing my business and family life as well.  It’s gonna be fun and exciting and oh yes as always, there will be yarn. Maybe even a Biggest Loser Yarn  😉 (you know it’d have to be thick n thin).

The contestants will be announced on Tuesday, during the noon news broadcast.  Wish me luck!

Just so you know, even when you think you are out…there is always hope!

Three strikes doesn’t always mean you are out.  Maybe you just haven’t waited long enough to see the ball went out of bounds.  You might just have one more pitch coming.  KNOCK IT OUT OF THE PARK!!!


Biggest Loser Arkansas: The Hard Part Starts Today