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Spinzilla Day One

Spinzilla is a week long competition to see which spinner can spin the most yardage of yarn. I found out about the event too late to join a team, so I signed up as a Rogue Spinner.

Day one started pretty strong with a bright burst of color.

Bright Rainbow Carded Batt by The Twisted PurlUp and spinning at 5:45 am, nothing was going to slow me down.  Sleep is overrated, spinning….not so much!Rainbow Yarn on BobbinThe first skein was complete and I was feeling pretty accomplished.  102 yards under my belt for Spinzilla before 6:30 am.Rainbow Yarn made by The Twisted PurlWith  a pretty large amount of Alpaca from the local Sweet Clover Alpaca farm in town, I figured my best bet would be to tackle this pile next. Tons of bags of Alpaca FiberI grabbed a luscious bag of baby alpaca and let the fiber turn into the yarn it wanted to become.  This cria had the softest, crimpist coat.  Spun, the yarn almost looks like a boucle yarn.  I’m in love. Baby Alpaca going onto the Spinning WheelAfter this skein, I had another 89 yards finished!  Yay!!!Baby Alpaca handspun yarn by The Twisted PurlKnowing I had to get quite a few soaps felted, I had to make the most out of my last spin of the day.  This one reminded me of a Christmas Peppermint.Christmas Peppermint Carded BattI needed lots and lots of yards, so I focus the Spinzilla Force and spun probably the lightest weight yarn that has come off my wheel in years.Handspun Yarn on the Bobbin Christmas Peppermint Candycane196 yards…folks for me and my normal super bulky yarn was an accomplishment.  I really love the look of this one!  Most likely after Spinzilla Week I’ll go back and thread ply it to make it even more fabulous. 😉Christmas Candycane Peppermint Handspun Yarn by The Twisted PurlLots more spinning is ahead for the week!

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  1. WOW! That is AMAZING. It turned out beautiful!

  2. Lovely! Keep up the momentum!

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