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Share your Handmade Story

Handmade is a story that must be told. What's yours?

Handmade is a story that must be told. What's yours? Woven throughout our creations, stitched into the fabrics of our work, are intimate stories; stories that not only shape what we make, but stories that become our history – stories that make us who we are.  These are our handmade stories.

When I sit at my spinning wheel, I am starting a handmade journey.  The fiber already has a story to tell, for it has traveled so far.  It came from a farm; was cleaned, processed, then dyed and carded.  I sit with it in my hands and place my fingers on each bit as it goes from fluff to string through my wheel.  Once completed, the handmade yarn still has a long journey ahead of it.  It’s bought and turned into something one can treasure for years to come.  It is handmade and has heart and passion.

Have you sat down to make one thing, but then something completely changed?  Why did you start creating? Do you have a special memory of crafting with a family member or dear friend?  Crafty code turned cool?  Digital disaster?  These are your handmade stories.
Over the next few months, I’d be honored to have the opportunity to share your handmade stories through our website.  Handmade means so very much to me and I’d love to share your passions for creating as well.  Your handmade journey can include anything at all created by you.  Your story doesn’t have to be earth shattering; it can be simple, beautiful, funny, or surprising – but it must be told!

Handmade is a story that has to be told, what's yours?

How to share your handmade story:

Submit either a written post (with photos if you’d like) or video (less than 5 minutes long) to with the subject line “My Handmade Story”.

If selected your story will be shared on our website.  Thank you and I can not wait to start reading and sharing.