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Second Week as an Intern and Dazzle Daze

Hey Everyone!

I know it’s only Wednesday, but today concludes my second week as an intern at The Twisted Purl.  I’m going home tomorrow to go to a concert with my family, and then the next week is Thanksgiving break!  But never fear, I’ll be back to my Twisted Purl ways at the beginning of December.

This week Cyndi and I were crafting and crafting and crafting.  So much felted soap!  I think she said that she typically makes 100 a week, and that we had made 500 that week.  Wow!  And lots and lots of labeling, since there were 500 soaps to label, and some which needed to be shipped to various destinations.  I even helped with an international shipment!  Today I also helped Cyndi and her husband set up for the Dazzle Daze show.  I helped arrange product, and set up the booth.  I’ve been promised a photo of the finished booth!

Here is a photo of all of the packages Cyndi took to the post office one day.


Here are tons of dryer ball labels that I helped make!


And here is the image of labeling felted soap after soap.

Well, I’ll be sure to eat lots of good Thanksgiving food while I’m home and I’m sure all of the readers will do the same.  (Today was Thanksgiving day in the cafeteria here at my college, and I ate sooooo much pumpkin pie which really prepared me for next Thursday.)

Thanks for reading!

Zoe B