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Saying Goodbye

Hello everyone!  It is with a sad face and a heavy heart that I conclude my time at The Twisted Purl.

I started my journey last November as the company’s very first intern.  Being a company’s first anything is a really big responsibility.  Although there are no metaphorical shoes to fill, when it comes to any sort of job there is a  lot of pressure to be the best you can be.  Whether it is being the best at felting soaps, or the most fluent and enjoyable blogger, you always seek to impress your boss with your skill and willingness to work.

During my time at The Twisted Purl, I followed an eight session program that Cyndi planned out in order to ensure that I was able to learn how to start and run a business, how to blog and use social media in a professional setting, and of course how to make her products.  Each week we focused on a different product or technique.  I started off learning how to care for and use all of the machines and tools around the studio, and I learned terminology unique to the fiber world such as “drop spindle” and “carded batt”.  After I began to feel comfortable with in the studio, I was introduced to the online world of her business.  Cyndi showed me how to run her Etsy shop, how to successfully post on her social media sites, and most importantly how to be an engaging blogger.  Her insight and encouragement about Etsy led me to open my own shop, and her professional and fun social media tips led me to become a more well rounded user of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.  Cyndi also told me all of the countries that have shops where her soaps and yarn are sold, and described to me the founding and growing of her business from a tiny idea to a flourishing company.  During my sessions, I had two absolute favorite experiences:  The first was dying natural white fiber to any shade I wanted.  It reminded me of tie-dying when I was a kid.  I also loved getting to go on a field trip to the store in search of glitter and texture to make my very own yarn.

I’m so thankful for my experience at The Twisted Purl.  Even though I don’t plan on running my own fiber creations business, I do plan on using a lot of the skills I learned at the internship to benefit me in my future career endeavors.  The introduction to blogging, the social media tips, and the general “how-to” on running a business are invaluable tools that I am sure to use in my future career.  Having an internship is a huge step towards being prepared for life after college, and I am so glad to have made this step with Cyndi.  Maybe you guys will hear from me on this blog again.  I’m already hoping I can help out when times get crazy this Christmas!  I’m sure I won’t ever forget my wonderful, educational, creative, and life-changing experience at The Twisted Purl.  Thank you everybody.