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Pom Pom Craft Easy to Make Fun with Yarn

Pom Pom Craft made from Yarn and Sticks

This easy to make pom pom craft is super easy to do with just a small bit of yarn. I’m in love with this new mantel piece created this morning.

My mom has always told me stories of my grandmother being able to go into the woods and pick up items and make beautiful center pieces. I like to think this craft would make my grandmother smile.

I’ve been a big fan, and slightly addicted to making pom poms, since purchasing this super cool Pom Pom Maker.

Pom Pom Maker by Clover


The Pom Pom Maker comes in several sizes and made by Clover (you can buy your very own here or at your local craft store). When I first discovered this little crafty gadget, my dear friend Jeanetta and I went on a pom pom making spree. We yarn bombed a friend’s office with bright rainbow-colored pom poms. If you want to see the album on Facebook of our pom pom bombing adventure, please check it out here.



Yarn on Pom Poms on sticks


To make this new mantel piece I simply used all natural creamy colored yarn and made pom poms with the handy pom pom maker. I went out into the yard and found fallen sticks from our pine trees. I used my husband’s pocket knife to strip the bark from the sticks. The pom pom inserts very easy on the stick end and are tied securely to the top of the stick with the strands used to tie together the pom poms. After a quick trim of the longer strands and any out of place yarn, the Pom Pom Sticks were then arranged in a flower vase.


Yarn Pom Pom Craft Center Piece


Waaalaaa! Easy, beautiful, handmade mantel piece. This would also make a great center piece for a table. I love finding quick and easy things to do with yarn and fun pom pom crafts. What’s your favorite?

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