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In the past I have shown off some pretty interesting bags of barn yard fiber.  After a trip to the Liberty Flea Market, owned by my Great Aunt and Uncle, I stumbled upon bags of  old lace and bits and pieces of ribbons.  These two combinations piqued my interest.  With my recent voyage into the land of Art Yarns…What better combination than old rustic barnyard and vintage lace?  Introducing Handspun Barnyard Lace:


After Jeanetta spotted a small skein of it, she had to crochet it up to see how it would look.


Isn’t it cool?  We both just adored it and agreed it would make a fantastic bracelet, or a bag, or even a necklace.  Our husbands both looked at us like we were a little nuts, but you understand!  We even talked about what a cool vintage embellishment it would make for crafters.  It is such a cool looking yarn, it will be a nice addition to my new line of hand spun yarn.

Here’s one more for my Thick N Thin Art Yarn Series.  It’s pink, and orange, and curly, and full of fun and wonderful twists.  It will calm a bit and bulk up more as well in places once it gets set, but it’s beauty will only improve.  Really, I’m enjoying this yarn series so much, I see no plan of series being short lived.


My recent spinning has given me such a nice, peaceful feeling.  Typically, I am pretty anal about how even my spun yarn is.  Every little tiny part that’s a tab bit thicker or thinner, I see a flaw and not an unique addition to the yarn.  But, with my Art Yarns, my perfectionism is thrown out the window.  I just let the creativity flow.  The fiber can be thick or thin and locks can be left out  and I’ll over spin here and put in stings and lace and do whatever there.  I get frustrated with life’s little pains and I just put that extra spin in the yarn or just leave it bulky.  Like magic, my frustration is gone and I am left with a gorgeous, unpredictable skein of yarn, as precious as a work of art.  It is a very fun process and it is good for the soul.  In my Art Yarn I find Peace.

Vermont 08 Trip 098

I snapped this shot of the boys on one of our yarn shop trips in Vermont.  Isn’t it just so cool, sometimes in the insanity of it all, you find peace.

3 thoughts on “Peace

  1. its sooo preeety! i pick you up some more bits o strings and things at an estate sale today. more droolworthy yarn! the masses demand it.

  2. Whoa! This is just scrumptious!

  3. Boys look so cute ^-^

    I love art yarns for that very reason. I can spin and spin and if it never comes out even, it’s just perfect. ^-~

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