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Kill the UFO

In the midst of painting, moving, and organizing I’ve been working on upcoming classes and events. It’s hard! Being my own boss and running this business requires a lot of hats.I get super overwhelmed and just freeze up at times. These are the days where I just want to sit in the corner and knit. Realistically, what ends up happening is I start a new project and it becomes one more thing in the long list of things that must be finished.

Speaking of, you would never believe how many UFOs (unfinished objects) I found while organizing for the move. Sad, neglected, partially knit items that had high hopes of growing up to be something fantastic.

We must have a kill the UFO party. Use laser focus and get it done!

Hope you aren’t dragging too bad with the loss of an hour this weekend. I hate Daylight Savings. Doesn’t exactly help with laser focusing.

If you are actually looking for a new project we have a Granny Square Shrug class on Wednesday at 12:00. Bust out a cute spring shawl in just a few hours. Bring a size H crochet hook. Cost is $35 and includes instruction and yarn.

What do you do to stay focused and get stuff done?