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Hello everyone, I’m Kate.  I hail from Kansas City, Missouri, study at Hendrix College, and, thanks to Cyndi, I AM THE TWISTED PURL’S NEWEST INTERN.  Yesterday concluded my first week at the Twisted Purl, and what a wonderful week it was. Let me break down a bit.

Day One:  I must admit that in addition to my overwhelming excitement, I was a tad nervous for my first day.  Although my passion for fibers (&  all things sheep) is fierce, I tend to be rather shy and quiet in new situations.  I needn’t have been nervous (duh), and as Cyndi spun a lovely skein of yarn before my eyes, I gradually stopped freaking out and began to enjoy the awesomeness that is the Twisted Purl studio.  Warm and colorful and crazy in a good way– that’s how I would describe it. Cyndi introduced me to the materials, equipment, and products of her business, and to finish off my first day I helped cut some labels for the felted soaps and portion off 4oz balls of yarn to be dyed later that afternoon.

Day Two: Woo! Carded batts! I learned how to use the drum carder! Cyndi started me with a rainbow batch, then bravely let me choose my own colors. (A secret: most of my art background is in charcoal drawing and black and white photography; color has always sort of scared me (so many possibilities!)).  Anyway, for my first solo batt, I blended yellow, peach, lavender, violet, and a reddish-purple.  To my surprise it turned out beautiful and springy and I loved it very much.  (I would show you but Cyndi stole it and wrapped it around some soaps before I snapped a photo, darn her.) I made three more, pictured below with the rainbow one we started with.

soft soft soft soft
soft soft soft soft


And that’s that! I feel addicted to craft already, and, needless to say, I can’t wait to make some more. I have a feeling I’ll get the chance in the weeks to come. Until next time–sheeps, hugs, & coffee mugs,