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If I had a dollar for every post started but never finished I could be running for President

What has happened in the past two years?  Life.  Most definitely.  Lots of crazy, funny events have happened in the shop and in my life.  Why on earth have I not been sharing with you?

I came to an epiphany yesterday. As I was driving to work, it was super eerie.  The wind was blowing, hard.  The sky was gray.  There were no cars.  It was like the start of any oh crap moment in a bad movie.  Debris mixed with leaves blew across my path.  As I saw the wind swaying in the tress, I noticed  all the squirrel nests.  Being winter, the trees are stripped of their leaves and the nests are all exposed.

It made me think of my journey.  I used to love to post and share all of my stories…then I opened the yarn store. Then I stopped posting. Why? That’s a really darn good question.  Honestly, I got stuck thinking I wasn’t allowed to be all personal with you. I wasn’t allowed to share the ins and outs of daily life because I now had a Brick and Mortar business.  I must be more professional.  If I post, my grammar must be spot on…oh and it has to be super enlightening, and of course I must only talk about things I have in the shop and things I want to sell.  Boring!!!!  Who the heck wants to write all that much less read it!?!

What was my epiphany?  The Twisted Purl is ME. It’s my company, my heart, my soul…ME!  So why can’t I share me?  I CAN!  I’m giving myself permission to blog about things I want.  I’m giving myself permission to post without a photograph, post about the lady who came in and told me about her 57 cats and how she loves them but is allergic to them (YES! That happened), post about the yarn I love, the yarn I’m making, or the patterns…the 900 patterns I see and want to start and sometimes start but rarely finish.

The squirrel nests made me realize sometimes our outsides need to be stripped away so we can focus on what is important.  If you read my blog, thanks!  I apologize for the lack of posting. Apologize for the inconsistency. Apologize for my all around sucking in sharing what all has been happening.  I’m stripping it down.  I’m not giving myself rules. It’s the outback of posting…no rules just right! I will be posting more!  Thank you for joining me on my journey.  It’s been an crazy ride and there are quite a few things I’ll catch you up on. Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “If I had a dollar for every post started but never finished I could be running for President

  1. Love you. Post about bowling.

    1. Top Ten way to be a Jerk During Bowling… Synchronized Bowling would have to be #1!!!

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