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Football Fever

My dear friend, Jeanetta, has football fever.  She knows nothing of the sport, except the ball must go to the end zone.  But, her son, David, is on the Packers Football team.  Her excitement is quite interesting.  I am encouraged she may actually become a fan of the sport, so we shall see.

The funny thing is, my son, Drew, is also on a football team.  Of course, it couldn’t be The Packers, cause then, well, it just wouldn’t be as interesting to write about.  He’s on the Broncos team.  And guess who our first game is against?  Of course, THE PACKERS.

                         GreenBay VS Broncos

                             September 8, 2008


Our kids did some practice take downs in the lake the other day.  Of course, this was all before football training began.  Who will be victorious?  Who will take the other down?  You will just have to stay tuned to see. 

On another, non fiber related side note….it’s Daisy Dog’s 1st Birthday today.

Vermont 08 Trip 044

Go Broncos!

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  1. Happy Birthday Daisy Dog! I’ll admit to liking you if you promise not to lick my ankles or jump in my lap anymore.
    Oh yeah and GO PACKERS!

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