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Food Coloring is Amazing

My family has an interesting history for April Fool’s Day. We love to play jokes on one another and the day is too much fun for the most part! This year…my creative wheels have not been spinning in the tricky department…so I figured I would share April Fool’s 2004.

It is amazing what you can do with food coloring. My kids were babies and I was new to the parenting thing. I figure what better prank to play on my six year old and one year old, than make them think they were getting cupcakes for dinner.

I took metal cupcake holders and made little mini meatloaves. Then I made up some mashed potatoes and placed them in three separate bowls. I colored each bowl with a few drops of food coloring and I had made frosting!
So, they weren’t the prettiest cupcakes in the world…but to a six year old this was the best dinner EVER!
The plates were set, the dinner started. I got a few weird looks when I had the camera out, but hey…he’s six! Then he said “Umm….what kind of frosting is this?”
After a really good laugh, the boys enjoyed their April Fool’s Cupcakes.
What better dessert to have then Chicken Nuggets, Mashed Potatoes N Gravy, and peas and carrots? I mean…they had to have dessert after such trickery.

If you haven’t guessed yet, the chicken nuggets were Carmel, mashed potatoes…ice cream, gravy…Carmel topping, and peas and carrots….skittles.

Hope you all have a lovely Tricky April Fool’s Day…as for me and the family, who knows what’s for dinner tonight! ♥

2 thoughts on “Food Coloring is Amazing

  1. ooooh thats such a cute idea~!!!

    and boy, your mashed potatoes and gravy looked realistic!

  2. That is toooo cute. The dessert’s as dinner items is really realistic looking in the picture! Love it.

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