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It’s F-F-Freeeezing!

This week was full of lots of fibery fun.  Zoe is back to finish her internship and a brand new intern, Kate, started too!Freezing Hand Painted FiberThursday was FREEZING!  Zoe and I dyed fibers.  Within minutes the hot steaming fiber, hanging up to dry, turned into fibercicles.

Basket full of fiberAlso, I made a couple new yarns.

Carded Batts created from basket of fluffFinished Handspun Yarn

Finished Handspun YarnOne more made this last week too!  This one was a demonstration for Kate to show her how the drum carder and spinning wheel work.  Here’s the basket of fluff:

Basket of FiberBecause I was sharing the process with Kate, I missed taking a photograph of the carded batt.  Below is the picture of the finished yarn:

Handspun YarnLastly, the week was full of lots of new felted soaps:

Felted Soaps by The Twisted PurlSorry for all the pictures and few words, but this week was crazy busy!

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  1. […] ways to lay out the fiber and explained how the colors do bleed together.  Once the fiber got over freezing, defrosting, and drying, I couldn’t wait to turn it into yarn!  Above is photographs of both the hand painted roving […]

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