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Day Two

Here are the three babies today. The Mama Bird has been coming and going and from our dining room table we can see a couple months pop up and get their meal.

I read a little about Robins and learned they only lay one egg a day and only up to four eggs. Rarely, they will have five. So I am thinking the bird underneath is a day behind the other two or just the runt. It looks a lot less developed then the two. I hope it’s just a day behind! We shall see with tomorrow pictures. They are totally strange to peak at for sure! I can’t wait until the have feathers and look a bit more bird like.

Above is some handspun yarn, I adore it. Totally girly pink and great. It is the next thing I have planned to list on Etsy. Hope you all have a wonderful Friday evening. ♥

One thought on “Day Two

  1. Wow! They are sooo tiny! What a cool thing for the boys to get to watch.

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