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Day Three- The Tortoise and The Hare

This morning, I opened up the front curtains and peaked in on the baby birds. To my surprise there was a turtle sitting right under the tree. The funny thing is, we have been looking for a turtle forever. In California, they sell box turtles for enormous prices. Like $40 each! Seriously! In moving to Arkansas, we always hoped to find one in our yard. And here it is: Being that we are from California and all, we decide to “tag” him. “Tagging” means to put graffiti on something.
Not really! Come on, we are not THAT strange.

But really, to our shock, the turtle turned around and I saw a peace sign on his back. I was stunned. From inside the house, it almost looked like his shell had formed the sign on its own. I ran outside and picked him up and noticed he had lots of “markings” on him…poor little guy. Seems whoever “owned” this turtle named him Speedy and wrote it right on his shell. I went ahead and put him down so he could be on his merry way.

After a quick refill of coffee, I had another look in our flower bed and there was another surprise. A baby rabbit. It was our very own version of the tortoise and the hare. Quite honestly, my money is on Speedy.
Here are the baby robins today. I am a bit afraid there are only two. I could not get the best photo today, but what I did get, looks like there is only two. Maybe tomorrow, a better view will provide us better insight.

A quick favor to ask, please keep the Hennel family in your prayers. A dear friend of ours passed away from a massive heart attack last night. He has two young kids, who are struggling to deal with this tragedy. Thanks so very much! ♥