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Crochet my Crazies Crochet!

Not sure if it’s the new year, or is it a full moon, or maybe just this wacky weather but the crazies are out in full! I’m not talking about peeps in the shop…well not entirely.  I love, LOVE, my eccentric crafty people, but have learned being in a shop full of yarn might make some folks loose their minds a bit. Oh I’ve had those moments too!

Recently, I went to Vogue Knitting Live in Minneapolis and while there took the opportunity to visit Stephen B’s.  Yup, I lost my mind.  Good thing I was with a friend who loves me and all my strangeness.  I believe I gasped (A LOT), petted things, and might have even drooled a bit.  The place has a fiber loft people…a whole freaking loft for all the spinning pretties.

Speaking of petting things… There was also the time I met Vicki Howell and just petted her while standing there. Yup like a crazy yarn lady whom might just knit up a coat using strands of her fallen hair.  I was bonkers.

Knitters and crocheters do crazy things…make crazy things…and yes say a lot of crazy!

Speaking of fun, our next class is Saturday and it’s crochet!  Woot woot! Our in house crochet diva, Hilary, says to come and take it easy!  Don’t be uptight about it, be loose (I mean you are learning to become a hooker right).  When you learn something new, it’s a journey. No one sits down and crochets the absolute perfect thing. Don’t be hard on yourself and allow yourself the freedom to learn and the flexibility to allow your freak flag to fly a little.  We are surrounded by padded walls after all.  Join us at