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Vermont Yarn Company

In Middlebury, Vermont, located inside a beautifully restored colonial farmhouse lays the Vermont Yarn Company. This yarn shop shares the farmhouse with the Field Farm, the Foote Street Farmstand, and Sandra Lance Pottery. There is loads to see and for sure everything to delight your fiber senses and more.


The shops layout was very unique with yarn even displayed around an old fireplace. Too cool!

Vermont 08 Trip 130Vermont 08 Trip 135

Why use curtains when you can use hand painted boucle?

Vermont 08 Trip 132Vermont 08 Trip 129

More Cherry Tree Hill Yarn everywhere!

Vermont 08 Trip 134

I did not have the pleasure of meeting the shop owner while I was there, hopefully next time. The layout of the shop was just too precious to not share. I did grab a couple bags of painted roving and a bag of super soft natural mohair. Here is a picture of one of the balls I spun into yarn, a before and after.


Sandra Lance was more than helpful and is a very unique character. She does beautiful pottery work, even makes her own glazes. I squealed when I saw this handmade glass sheep. Sandra loves to wrap up your items in gift wrap and does a fantastic job at that too.


It is a treasured addition for my sheep kitchen makeover. I’ll share more of my sheep finds tomorrow. ♥

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New Yarns

With the recent trip to Vermont, I acquired loads of new fiber. The last trip I took, I bought up handmade yarn everywhere I went. This time, it was fiber! The best shop I found, surprisingly, was not in Vermont at all. It was Rainbow Yarns and Fibres in Germantown, Tennessee. They had a full line of spinning fibers and even had some spiffy bags of bits and pieces to spin into some art yarn from Pagewood Farm. First thing I did when I got home was spin this very unique art yarn.


It has sparkles and curls and thick and thin places and it is wonderful.

I got a couple of balls of super cool hand painted fibers from A Piece of Vermont:

022 023

I will show off what these beauties look like spun up later this week.

Two more finished yarns to show off…the green was a blended roving I purchased at Vermont Beads and Fiber, the red was from my favorite fiber farm right around the corner from my mom’s, Chasworth Pottery and Farm.



These two may end up plied together for a nice Christmas Handspun.

Speaking of Chasworth Farm, I have bags full of yummy Vermont Grown Fiber. Much more yarn will be coming your way from this awesome farm. ♥

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Stowe Fabric & Yarn

This is the birthplace of The Twisted Purl. Nestled off the main road in Stowe, Vermont, lies a yarn shop where my vision of The Twisted Purl began.

Vermont 08 Trip 103

This is Stowe Fabric & Yarn. The shop is located in this house with a lovely porch. Once inside the shop you will have the option of going right to the yarn or left to the fabric.

Vermont 08 Trip 097

Do you notice the hanks of hand painted yarn hanging from the hooks? This is Cherry Tree Hill Boucle and amazingly enough, they still had a few skeins of the same colorway that enticed me on my fiber painting journey.

Back in 2006, after attending my favorite restaurant, The Shed, and having sampled some of their brewed beer, served in a “Ski” :

Vermont 08 Trip 088

At this time, I was already fully immersed in my yarn addiction…I noticed a yarn shop. So, what better way to end a trip to Stowe then to go drool over some fiber. Once inside the shop my eyes landed on this wall of yarn:

Vermont 08 Trip 093

I was instantly in awe and admiration of the company who made this yarn. Then I found out it was handmade. Hand Painted….what did that mean? I wondered. I went straight back to my moms and started my research. Being the yarn-a-holic I was, no yarn was enough and no color combination satisfied my urge to have it all. So, naturally, painting yarn had to be my next step. I bought a ton of natural wool fiber off of ebay. Through trail and many errors, I learned the difference between good wools and the itchy old school wools. I also learned 50 yards, although sounding like a lot, was really not much at all. I bought dye and then let it all sit in the top of my closet for a month before I built up the courage to dye my own yarn.

Once I mixed the dye and dabbed my first brush on the wool, my love affair began. The rest is history. History that must be credited to a lovely little yarn shop called Stowe Fabric & Yarn and an awe inspiring handmade yarn company called Cherry Tree Hill. ♥

Vermont 08 Trip 110

Vermont 08 Trip 096

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Vermont Beads & Fibers

In the lovely town of Middlebury, VT lays a jewel of a shop. Vermont Beads & Fibers has it all. I can not tell you how at home I was in this shop. My sister, Megan, loves beads. She was quite happy making bracelets while I browsed the fiber. They carry hand painted roving by Cherry Tree Hill. I had to grab a couple bags and also got some great felting fiber.

The shop had so much character. Really, you can’t help but to adore it.To the right when you walked in the shop was a fantastically large spinning wheel.Megan sat down to make bracelets and I couldn’t help but to grab a skein of yarn off the shelf and open up a pair of new needles just so I could sit and knit a bit. The yarn I couldn’t resist was made by Laughing Tree Farm and was a delicious blend of Kid Mohair and Merino Wool. It was handspun and hand dyed. The new knitting needles were also handmade, by Lakewood Needle Company.

There was a tree of Cherry Tree Hill Boucle in the middle of a couple bead tables.

A whole wall of awesome yarn made right in Vermont. Look at all the colors!
This shop is by far a must if you are in the area. I have a couple other wonderful things to share about our trip, including the yarn shop where I first stumbled upon hand painted yarn. But for now, I’m beat. ♥

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When Good Wireless Go Bad

I am in Vermont! Yay! The trip was fun and I have many things to share. My wonderful fiber source here has been stashing aside white wool for me. I am coming home with six bags full! Actually six pounds of fiber. That is a lot! Think of six pounds of cotton balls. Loads of beautiful fiber will be coming from it.

On the down side, the wireless internet at my mom’s is down. It is such a bummer! I am totally unable to upload any pics to show off all the fun we are having. Also, my internet time is very limited. Next post will hopefully be full of great pics. Today we are heading to the Yarn Shop in Stowe that started my journey into painted yarns and fibers. ♥