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Pom Pom Craft Easy to Make Fun with Yarn

Pom Pom Craft made from Yarn and Sticks

This easy to make pom pom craft is super easy to do with just a small bit of yarn. I’m in love with this new mantel piece created this morning.

My mom has always told me stories of my grandmother being able to go into the woods and pick up items and make beautiful center pieces. I like to think this craft would make my grandmother smile.

I’ve been a big fan, and slightly addicted to making pom poms, since purchasing this super cool Pom Pom Maker.

Pom Pom Maker by Clover


The Pom Pom Maker comes in several sizes and made by Clover (you can buy your very own here or at your local craft store). When I first discovered this little crafty gadget, my dear friend Jeanetta and I went on a pom pom making spree. We yarn bombed a friend’s office with bright rainbow-colored pom poms. If you want to see the album on Facebook of our pom pom bombing adventure, please check it out here.



Yarn on Pom Poms on sticks


To make this new mantel piece I simply used all natural creamy colored yarn and made pom poms with the handy pom pom maker. I went out into the yard and found fallen sticks from our pine trees. I used my husband’s pocket knife to strip the bark from the sticks. The pom pom inserts very easy on the stick end and are tied securely to the top of the stick with the strands used to tie together the pom poms. After a quick trim of the longer strands and any out of place yarn, the Pom Pom Sticks were then arranged in a flower vase.


Yarn Pom Pom Craft Center Piece


Waaalaaa! Easy, beautiful, handmade mantel piece. This would also make a great center piece for a table. I love finding quick and easy things to do with yarn and fun pom pom crafts. What’s your favorite?

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How to make Pompom Streamers

I have been on a Pompom kick lately.  But between me and you, pompoms on hats and things is just not my thing.  So, what’s a girl to do?  I have close to 100 pompoms.  I’m helping with an upcoming Yarn Bombing project and some of them will be used there, but until then…I had to share some of them with you.  For the love of Pompoms and all:

These Pompom streamers are easy to make!  Just make a pompom and use about a foot long string to tie off the middle of the pompom.  Tie each pompom together using a bow.  Tada!!!  You have your very own pompom streamers.  Easy peasy!

Here are a few of my other favorite pompoms from the last few days:

Sheep Pompom
More Pompoms


Want to start your very own Pompom obsession?  Vogue Knitting has a great tutorial on How to Make Pompoms, CLICK HERE.  It even includes a printable PDF pompom maker template.

Want to make hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds on Pompoms at a time?  Check out this video on Craft: CLICK HERE  With this method you really need to spend a bit more time shaping each pompom.

Until next time!  Happy Crafting!  🙂


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How to Paint Onesies at a Baby Shower

A great way to shower the Mother To Be with extra special personalized gifts is to set up a Handmade Onesie Station at her Baby Shower.

Born a Yarn Snob Onesie
Born a Yarn Snob Onesie

It’s creative, social, and fun activity for all!  You do not have to be a Picasso to make a fabulous creation for the new bundle of joy.  Example, this person used creative wording to make this adorable onesie:

Back of Creative Wording Onesie
Front of Creative Wording Onesie


Aunt Cheryl wrote creative and funny instructions all over this onesie.

Things you need and/or can use:

  • Onesies or t-shirts (remember to get a variety of sizes, babies grow fast!)
  • Fabric Markers
  • Wet dyes (like from a Tie-Dye Kit or other Plant Protein Dye)
  • Plastic Gloves
  • Aprons or other Clothing Protection if using wet dyes
  • Puffy Paint
  • Cardboard
  • Table
  • Plastic Table Cover
  • Drying Area

Originally, I had mixed up some plant fiber dyes that I use on my yarn and fibers.  Bought 36 White Onesies (ranging from newborn up to 12 month in sizes) at a local shop.  I also purchased a variety of colors of Permanent Fabric Markers (both brush tip and bold tip) at a local hobby store.

The morning of the shower, as most hosts know, I was doing 50 million last minute things.  I was already dressed up for the shower when I realized I still needed to put out the wet dyes.  I started getting out the liquid dyes and spilled one of them!  I about had a heart attack because I almost got dye on my nice outfit.  At that point I decided, wet dye with 35 women in fancy outfits was a bad idea!  I ended up just putting out the felt markers.
If you are more prepared than I was, I highly recommend getting aprons or some sort of clothing protection and then go for it with the wet dyes!

Special Delivery

Cut out cardboard forms to slide into the onesie so the dye wouldn’t go through both sides.  I just used some old boxes I had and cut out rectangles.

Set up a table and cover it with protective plastic covering.  Set up an area for the onesies to be hung to dry as well.  This is also a super cute way for everyone to see all the creations and oooo and ahhhh over all of them!

Creativity in Progress

You can either have a dedicated time to paint the onesies, if you are having a small gathering, or just have a table set up for whenever your party guests want to be creative.  At our house, we had 35 people, so we set up the table outside.  It was a gorgeous day!  The outside station gave folks a place to go and an extra thing to do whenever they felt like being crafty.


Remember, it’s fun, you don’t have to be an artist, and you are creating an adorable (and functional) keepsake for the mom to be.  Expand on this idea and make it all your own.  Below are all the onesies made during my sister’s baby shower.  I’d love to see the pictures of your creations too!

Happy Crafting!!!

Looking for a unique Baby Shower Party Favor?  Why not check out our Felted Soaps?  I’ll happily make custom colors to match  the theme of your Baby Shower.