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Toad Suck is Quickly Approaching

So sorry for the lack of posts lately. Things here have been crazy, as I am sure you can imagine. Toad Suck is Friday! Ahhhhhh!

If you come by the booth and tell me you have read my blog you will get a surprise!

Here are a few pics of the rainbow of colors of silk scarves painted up and almost ready for Toad Suck. Special thanks to Splendid Designs for all the help painting in the last few weeks.

The Goody Bag Stuffing party was a lot of fun. We have about 200 bags done….unfortunately the promos from Etsy Headquarters has not shown up yet. There are still a few bags that are not closed up and I am holding out hope the mail man will bring me goodies from Etsy to stick in those bags. I will try my very best to post pics of the bags and a few of the party later. Gotta get the boys to school and myself in the dye room. ♥

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Goody Bags for Toad Suck

Everyday the items are coming in for the Toad Suck Sacks. My mailbox is such a joy. I have got some really cool business cards from Diamondmeenuh Creaions, BowsByMom, TSmithDesigns, a cool postcard size card from NightSkyProducts, a bookmark from Glassbead, cute handmade notebooks by dogwoodlane, and a very adorable hand crocheted bow on a hair clip from Hannah’s Creations (hrs09).

I have made up some laminated cards with yarn classifications on the back, for knitters to throw in their knitting bags, and mini skeins with the AREtsy Logo Buttons attached on them. The buttons were made by HotButtons.

There are still several more AREtsy Team Members who have asked for my address so I will be sure to show you the other spiffy things members come up with.

On a side note…my spinning wheel part came in! The right part! Hooray! We have a party to go to this evening, for my step-brother who is visiting from California…so yarn spinning production will be back in FULL swing in the morning. Maybe tonight! ♥