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To Suck a Toad or Not

No, I’m not talking about some crazy hallucination trip that you may have seen something about on the Discovery Channel. For my dear friends in California, and other places who may be thinking I have finally fallen off the rocker…Toad Suck Daze is a festival here in Conway, Arkansas. Last year I was a vendor and sold a lot of handspun yarn and hand painted yarn and roving. The event was quite profitable and a ton of fun. I met a lot of fiber friends and enjoyed every unique person I got the chance to chat with. BUT it was a lot of work. Many, many hours of painting went into the event.

This cute little toad is for sale on Etsy by Bubbletime. Check it out by CLICKING HERE.

So now I sit and ponder, should I do Toad Suck or not? More than anything, I love being in public showing off the dying art of spinning yarn. But again, it’s so much work. It’ll be right before my sister’s wedding too.

If I do it this time, there will be a lot less painted yarn. Much more handspun yarn. And some finished projects for sale as well. Hummmm…..

The above adorable toad pin will be selling quick. It’s on sale for only $5 on Etsy by AppleNoggin. To check it out CLICK HERE.

I have a few more days to make up my mind. With things finally getting back on track in our lives here, maybe this would be a great way to catapult The Twisted Purl back into the craft scene. Plus I do have well over 100 pounds of fiber to paint and spin. What do you think? ♥