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Open Appointments One on One Lessons

Can’t figure out that stitch? What on earth does this pattern mean? What the heck did I do!?  These are questions we answer every day at The Twisted Purl.  We LOVE our customers and really do love being able to be here to help you through that sticky situation.  After all a happy stitcher makes the world a much better place!
Back during Austin’s football days, his coach would yell out “HELP SESSIONS!” whenever a kid would need more help getting through something.  Most of the time this meant way more sit ups, push ups, and tons of running. Football Help Sessions weren’t necessarily a good thing, but Stitching Help Sessions can be a blast!

We have a shop policy where if the yarn is purchased from here, and the problem is something we can easily walk you through, bring it! We’ll get you back on track. BUT if we need to give you extensive help (more than 15 minutes or so…) then you might need a Help Session!  This is the beauty of having a local yarn shop in your neighborhood. We can’t wait to get you back on your way to happy stitching.

EVERY THURSDAY, at The Twisted Purl, we have open appointments available for one on one lessons. Help Sessions!!! Starting at noon we have knowledgeable folks in the shop to assist you with any issue that might arise for both knitting and crochet.  The cost is $10 for an hour. Our last appointment is at 4:00, so stop on in if you need help.  Reserve your one on one time to learn how to knit or crochet as well.

Reserve Time Here
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Traveling? The Twisted Purl Yarn Shop is easy to visit off Interstate 40

The Twisted Purl is a quick easy yarn shop stop while traveling on I-40.  We are next to a coffee shop, a sandwich shop, gas station, and even a cookie place.  You can refuel, get a treat, pet the yarn, and be back on your way.

Take exit 124 and then go straight through the red light, traveling on Salem Road. You’ll go over a big hill, then travel over a train track overpass.

The next light you will come to will be Tyler, just head straight through.

At Prince Street you’ll come to a Roundabout (How British of us right?).  No worries! It’s easy to navigate…just remember traffic in the circle has the right of way. Enter the roundabout, then take the third exit option onto Prince Street (basically if this was a red light, you would have turned left).

Once on Prince, take the first left and then go immediately left (in front of Quiznos).  We are the second shop at the end of the strip mall, right next door to Classic Touch Flower and Gifts.

We can’t wait to visit with you!

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Loki’s Leash Knitting Pattern

Make this simple dog leash with two double point needles and a super bulky weight yarn.

Loki’s Leash

The leash is made with an I-Cord. You will NOT be turning your work like you would during flat knitting.  Instead, at end of each row, slide stitches from left hand side of double point needle to right hand side, With the other double point needle, knit stitches like normal. This is a way of knitting in the round.

Fun Fact: the I in I CORD stands for idiot because it’s that simple! 


Bulky Weight Yarn

Two size 11 Double Point Needles

Gauge: Not important


Cast On 3 stitches onto a double point needle

Knitting an Icord
Slide cast on stitches from left side of needle to right (your working yarn will be in the back on the left hand side of your stitches)

Knit the first stitch on needle with your working yarn. Knit across row.

Icord Knitting Free PatternSlide stitches again from left side of needle to right.

Repeat until your i-cord measures 64 inches

Bind off stitches

Cut working yarn leaving apx 10 inches of yarn


To create handle measure 14 inches from top of rope. Attach tip of rope using remaining tail at the 14 inch mark.  Weave tail through rope until it securely makes a sealed loop.

Attaching the handle icord leash free knitting pattern
Attach dog leash clasp on other end.

Dog Leash Clasp free knitting pattern

We’d love to see your leashes! Please share your creations with us on Facebook or Ravelry.

Make a Leash Dog Leash Free Knitting Pattern I-Cord Pattern


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Meet Loki Twisted Purl’s Shop Dog

Loki The Twisted Purl's Shop Dog

Hey there! I’m the new shop dog, Loki. I’m available for snuggles and mom says I’m in charge of shenanigans. Heh! In a yarn shop that’s not hard at all.

I’m only 11 weeks old. My favorite things include my pink pig, sticks, and occasionally getting in customers bags. Mom fuses at me for it, but bags are pretty cool. Especially Ms. Wright’s…it smells wonderful!

Loki The Twisted Purl's Shop Dog Sun Bathing

My normal day starts with my mom drinking coffee, as she sits on the porch. It’s pretty hot. I stuck my nose in it and learned not to do that again! I adore the sun and like to roll around outside. She keeps wanting me to do something in the grass but I’m just soaking in the rays.

Loki The Twisted Purl's Shop Dog Napping

After we get to work it’s time for a nap. Dreaming of running a yarn shop when I get big.

I’m a rescue dog so people keep guessing what type of a dog I am…Beagle, Rat Terrier mix maybe? We can all just agree I’m a good shop dog for now!

Loki The Twisted Purl's Shop Dog Doing Paper Work

Here I am approving the paperwork. You know running a shop is a lot of work. I’ll happily help you pick out yarn and give you lots of encouragement on your projects.   I want to help teach but pretty sure I need more schooling of my own first.

Loki The Twisted Purl's Shop Dog Checking out Yarn

I’m going to tell you a secret. I love to chew on yarn baskets and boxes. I’m trying to break the habit. When I get caught I pretend to yawn with my mouth on the basket. Seems to work sometimes.

Loki The Twisted Purl's Shop Dog doing Yoga

Speaking of work. I’m such a multitasker. I’m doing yoga while I sleep cause that’s how I roll. I call this position upward facing dog.

Loki The Twisted Purl's Shop Dog Smiling

Mom is knitting up a sweater for me to wear. Not sure if I’m going to like that. It’s a really nice shade of blue and has a great design but it was hard enough getting used to my collar. I’ll try it…but I make no promises of liking it.

Stop by the shop soon. I can’t wait to meet you and see what kind of mischief we can get into together.


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Joji Starting Point Mystery Wrap

Join The Twisted Purl as we embark upon a Mystery Wrap journey with Joji Locatelli.

The clues for the knit along will be revealed:

clue 1 – May 12

clue 2 – May 19

clue 3 – May 26

clue 4 – June 2

clue 5 – June 9

We’ll have open knitting the days of the clue reveals so be sure to pop on by to knit and chat.

Here’s some information about the mystery knit along from Joji’s Ravelry Page:

Starting Point

Joji Mystery Wrap

Please read before signing up! ❤️

Welcome to another rare mystery knit-along adventure with Joji. In the quest to knit this beautiful wrap (stole), we will have fun unveiling each clue while playing with color and texture.

I wouldn’t want to make any knitter disappointed with the finished outcome, but the point of a Mystery Knit Along is not knowing what you’ll be making, there’s always that risk…

Therefore, here are some facts about the wrap that will help you decide if you will like to embark on this project:

  • The shape is a true rectangle. This wrap can be worn as a wrap, blanket scarf or even as a blanket.
  • Approx. measurements are 26½ x 72” (66 x 180 cm) blocked.
  • It has a graphic look, but it is still classic.
  • You will need yarn in 5 colors and you will use up a lot of your yarn, so you need full skeins.
  • The total approx. yardage is 1700 yards (1555 m). It is a BIG wrap. Please be aware of this.

There will be 5 different clues, spread out over 5 weeks.

  • It is good for all levels. There will be TV knitting and more engaged knitting. You will sure have fun.
  • There is no brioche involved. There are no short rows either.
  • There is a little bit of simple lace, about 10% of the total project.
  • There is a lot of garter stitch.

The cost of the pattern is $4.00 and can be purchased through Ravelry. 
Yarn can be purchased in our shop. We even have several color kits put together if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed!

You will need yarn in 5 colors in fingering weight and you will use
up a lot of your yarn, so you do need full skeins.
– The total approx. yardage is 1700 yards (1555 m). It is a BIG wrap folks.