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Talkin’ Etsy Tuesdays with TheBeehive

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programing:
This week I got to interview the ever so cool Queen Bee Owner of TheBeehive on Etsy.  TheBeehive is your one stop place for scrapbooking items and more.  Her shop is almost like the scrapbook store for the non-scrapbooker.  When you want to preserve your precious memories, shes got the right thing for you!
TheBeehive has now been selling on Etsy for two years.  She started as a freelance graphic designer and has even done some illustration work.  Before opening up her shop she had never even attempted to sell her crafts or scrapbooks. 
Like so many of us, work from home moms, TheBeehive missed having a creative outlet.  She started selling her items because she was searching for a way to reconnect with her artistic identity.  Although her boys are always top on her list of priorities, working from home is a bonus.  She enjoys being able to stay at home, not working the traditional 9 to 5 job, and still help the family financially.

When asked what her craft of choice is she said “I’m a paperaholic. I enjoy using paper particularly making scrapbooks, but any paper craft will do. I love paper! I never thought I’d find myself a scrapbooker but alas, after some years as a graphic designer for a greeting card company and two adorable little boys to keep memories for, here I am!”  Alas, being a yarnaholic, I can so appreciate any type of craft addiction.  Indulge and keep at it!

Her shop houses many unique items, not just scrapbook supplies.  She has fun “Upcycled Paper Bead and Safety Pin Bracelets”:

You will also find exquisite Memory Catchers which “are perfect for those who want to keep their memories out of the shoe box but don’t have time to scrapbook.”  The top silhouette picture is one of my favorite items in her shop.  They are custom order Silhouettes.  Just send her a profile picture of your child, dog, husband…and she’ll take care of the rest.  TheBeehive says they are her favorite because “They make me extra happy to see in my shop because they feature my favorite boys and my puggie!”  I would just adore to have one made of my boys.

She finds her inspiration in her customers.  She really enjoys working together with each person, fulfilling their specific needs.  Each person has an idea of how they would want to preserve their precious memories and TheBeehive is there to help them achive that vision. 

As for her shop name, TheBeehive, and it’s origin, she admitted “When I started my shop I wasn’t completely sure what it was I was going to make and sell. There was one thing I did know, I was making a lot, I’m a long time sufferer of crafting ADD, and I was doing a lot between the boys, our pets, our church, my husband is a youth director…we were some busy bees! As my shop grows, and develops it’s own identity, I have been mulling over the possibility of a name change that would better reflect what I do but that will be a tough decision.”

Following her on Facebook, you may see the shop name is soon changing…you will have to check out to see what TheBeehive evolves into.  You can find her on:

Etsy Shop:

My favorite question to ask Etsy Sellers is what is their favorite color combination.  TheBeehive’s favorite is a deep rich velvety red with a bright cobalt blue.  Gorgeous!
Lastly, TheBeehive would like to give a special big thanks to her husband “who wholeheartedly supports me in everything I do. He’s done everything from helping with housework, to attaching paper beads to safety pins, to helping me man craft show booths, to listening to me stress! He’s my personal super hero!”

Be sure to check out TheBeehive etsy shop and keep an eye out for her new name!

Please help support your local crafters and artist by looking to Etsy for your needs before you run out and get some kind of impersonal mass produced item. Thanks and Happy New Year! ♥

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Talkin’ Etsy Tuesday with Denise Felton

This week our Talkin’ Etsy Tuesday Interview is with Denise Felton, owner of the shop…DeniseFelton.  Denise has unique dimensional collages in her Etsy Shop.  The collages are a fascinating intersection of paper craft and needlework.  Her wit is exquisite and it shows in each of her pieces.  This one is Mother’s Power:
The quote at the bottom of the picture says “Her Controlling Power–The mother can take man’s whole nature under her control.”  The descriptions she puts on each listing in her shop will send most into fits of giggles and a you may utter an “Oh my!” here and there.  The description on Mother’s Power says “In his search for the perfect wife, Edgar couldn’t help comparing every girl to his ideal: Mother. The woman of his dreams would be strong, decisive, tall. And over 50.”  Don’t we all know a man or two like that?

I had the pleasure of interviewing Denise Felton.  She started selling handcrafted greeting cards and collages through two brick and mortar shops in 2002.  Her Etsy shop opened up in August 2007.  I adore the reason she started selling her items:
“My friend Jonathan. When you say “muse,” most people think of a fairy with flowing hair and a voice like windchimes. So lightweight. My muse is a broad-shouldered pseudo-son who bullies me into being an artist.”
Along with her marvelous collages, she also has some fanciful art quilts that make the fiber/texture heart in me go pitter-patter.  This piece, “Yo Art Quilt“, is Denise’s favorite listing in her shop at the moment:
This is an “Art Quilt of cotton fabric and cotton batting, appliqued with hundreds of one-inch and half-inch cotton yoyos, and heavily embroidered with gold metallic thread and glass seed beads.”  To get the whole idea of what one looks like, I have to post another picture of this.  It is absolutely divine! 
Yo Art Quilt is 16″ x 20″ x 1″.  Denise says she loves this one the most (right now), because it’s lumpy and bumpy.  Also because it’s turquoise and orange, which is one of her favorite color combinations.  Sounds like another good yarn color scheme.  She likes all variations of the turquoise and orange colors, like aqua and bronze, teal and peach.
She finds her inspiration in her work itself.  The photos know what they want to be and she just tries to go along with them.  As for the art quilts, she just lets the fabric, thread, and beads express themselves and she stays out of their way.  She does admit she does not actually hear them talking to her, so no need to lock her up.  Denise Felton does each of her pieces justice by listening to the heart of each item and expressing its inner desires. 
With her keen eye and wit, Denise is making the world a better place by bringing the past back to life through her Collage Pieces.  Her Art Quilts are just that, amazing pieces of art that should be in every home.  I have had the pleasure of seeing Denise’s work in person and the detail in each piece is beyond comparison. A photo can not capture all the delicate intricacies of each piece. You will be pleasantly surprised when you get your purchase in the mail and see so much more than you expected.
Lastly Denise wanted to give a big shout out to AREtsy, the Arkansas Etsy Street Team.  She said “We rock and roll so hard. Everybody needs to shop AREtsy for Christmas! ”  It’s easy to do just CLICK HERE to check out the AREtsy Team Artist’s listings.
Denise Felton can be found on:
Please help support local artists and remember, everyone loves handmade!  Why not get that hard to buy loved one on your Christmas list one of Denise Felton‘s items.  It’s a one of a kind and sure to be a collectible treasure.
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Talkin’ Etsy Tuesday with the owner of BrianaRose

If you do not know about the wonderful world of Etsy, then you my friend are missing out!  Etsy is a website community full of artists and hand crafters that make creations just for you.  This year, for Christmas, you should support local artists and give handmade items.  Etsy is the very best way to find unique, well crafted items for your loved ones or yourself.
One of my favorite sellers on Etsy is BrianaRose. Being so fond of the ocean, Briana Rose’s Swarovski Starfish Hair Clips really take me back to when I was young and searching for sea shells on the beach.
Although these creations are 100% real starfish, they do not flake, smell fishy, or are brittle like you may think. Briana takes a tremendous amount of care and puts a lot of work into each one of these pieces to ensure they will be in your collection for many years to come. She uses Sugar Starfish from the Caribbean. She then has to clean, shave, and strengthen each one with a special glue. They also each have a protective coating. After all the preparation she adds gorgeous Swarovski Crystals on each star.  Just so you know, these starfish are not endangered and are very abundant.  Each one of her Starfish Hairpins are a steal, seeing how much work goes into each one, BrianaRose sells them anywhere from $14 up to $28 each. A small price to pay to be able to put on such a gorgeous hair pin to bring out your inner star.
I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Briana and learned a lot about her and her craft.
“My craft of choice is sugar starfish from the Caribbean. They’ve got more character than other starfish.” BrianaRose
She started selling starfish hairpins in high school.  After a break, she started again after getting a scholarship to pursue her business a few months ago. She likes new ideas and trends and wanted to start something that wasn’t typical, was totally natural, but still kinda girly. She hits her mark perfectly with her Starfish creations. The crystals give the glitz that every girl wants but the starfish bring you back to nature, which fills the hearts desire.
Her Etsy Shop name comes from her first and middle name “Briana Rose”.  She said “My great grandmother and I share the same middle name, so that’s why I like it so much.”
When asked where she finds her inspiration she said “I like to flip through magazines and pictures for my inspiration, but in hasn’t really aided me with the hairpins thus far. I think my inspiration comes from the Lord, ya know?” No better place to find inspiration!
She does have a few local events going on right now: 
December 3rd, an open house, at Hungry Hair in the Fig Garden Village, in Fresno, CA.
December 5th, from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM, she is having a Trunk Show at Carmel Kids, in Fresno, CA.
Of course, if you are not in the area, you can always go to her Etsy Shop and conveniently purchase a star.
Briana eventually would really like to distribute throughout the country and one day possibly throughout the world. She is currently recruiting and would love some applicants.
You can find BrianaRose:
Her favorite color combo in general is black and white. But in reference to the stars, she does like the bright orange stars and crystal iridescent Swarovski rhinestones. Nice! Maybe I’ll spin up some “BrianaRose” Yarn and ply it with some shiny threads.
Lastly, know each star has its own personality and great character. BrianaRose likes to think that the starfish you pick for yourself reflects your personality as well.
Please help support this fantastic Etsy Artist and get an exquisite, unique Starfish Hairpin for the star in your life. ♥