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Years and years ago…I was an only child. My mom used to sing “You are my sunshine…my only sunshine” to me. Then after 11 years of being the “only sunshine” along came my beautiful sister! I have to tell you…I was not so happy. I wrote a story in sixth grade about what a pain she was. In the story, I went on and on about having a dream of having a sibling, chasing it, and getting it…then wanting to give it back! My darling sister was a very energetic child. I believe I even went so far as to say I never wanted children, I had seen the job and DID NOT WANT IT! My mom, being ever politically correct, stopped singing “You are my sunshine….my only sunshine” and started singing “You are my sunshine…my little sunshine”

Today, I have to tell you, my sister is a precious gift from God! She is my best friend, my strength, and my encourager. Without her, my world would not be the same. She brings sunshine to my life daily! Thankfully, my parents never took my advice and did not give her back. Love, love, love!

The above image is from a cute little shop in Clovis, California called Hands on Clothing! CLICK HERE to check them out.

Last night, I had the amazing opportunity to meet some really neat people from our church. I am looking forward to building friendships in the following weeks, months, and years with them all! Today, I am meeting with a fellow artist from AREtsy (and ALSO my church…small world/BIG church LOL) I can’t wait!

Tomorrow, or Friday (can’t make any promises) I will have to tell you all about the Women’s Conference I attended last weekend. It was a very unique and fun experience.