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So Happy I Could Dye

It’s hard to believe this past week was only my second week at The Twisted Purl… I’ve learned SO much in such a short amount of time.  Thanks to Cyndi, I’m already comfortable with a number of terms and pieces of equipment that, just two weeks ago, I didn’t know existed.  I feel as though I’ve been initiated in to the secret world of fiber arts, and I’m loving every second of it.

Tuesday, after discussing a number of important topics– namely women entrepreneurs and haunted mansions– Cyndi put me to work practicing and perfecting techniques I learned last week.  I relied on trusty old ROY-G-BIV to make several carded batts, and labeled many many felted soaps.  Although the above tasks are somewhat repetitive, I sincerely enjoy them.  In truth, repetitive tasks tend to be my favorite.  There is peace in the process, in addition to that lovely feeling I get when creating anything with my hands.  In the short time I’ve been an intern, I’ve already noticed that after a morning of creative activity at The Twisted Purl, I face the rest of my day with a calmer, more joyful attitude.

On Thursday, Cyndi taught me a few methods for dyeing and painting wool roving.  As usual, I was hesitant about choosing my colors, and unconfident in my final product.  I am, however, excited to see how they look as carded batts and/or spun yarn! Cyndi said that if she has time, she might spin one of them this weekend (ahh!).  Although I’m a little worried, I’m not too worried, because if it’s really ugly we can just sell it to my mom. I don’ have a picture of the first roving I dyed (which was very “Springy”), but the second is pictured below in the shape of a pizza.

Yeah, I know, it kind of looks like that rainbow bread they used to sell at the grocery store.

And here it is again, steaming to set the colors:



My favorite roving I dyed, though, was a solid color “in-bowl” experiment.  It turned out (I think) to be a nice lavender.  We shall see! Also, while all of this dyeing was going on, Cyndi managed to learn how to arm knit and made a scarf using the technique. I can’t keep up with this lady! Next week, she is going to help me make a more “artful” carded batt, and my homework is to come up with a theme to base the colors on.  (Check out Zoe and Cyndi’s Monet yarn, it turned out so beautiful!)  Time to start looking around for inspiration–


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Spring into Action

Spring is here and the pollen at our house is insane. This is the back porch…yes that is a footprint and paw prints in pollen! Bleh! With the pollen comes my beautiful flowers. Our dogwoods are in full bloom, I love them so very much. Brady has the tendency to pick flowers and give them to me. Very sweet, yes…but not when it’s my dogwoods. He picked one yesterday and I had to nicely explain to him to NOT pick my dogwoods.
My azaleas are also blooming. They are just beautiful. So many buds still on the plants, once they are in full bloom I will have to share a picture.
All these colors…you KNOW I am getting inspired. Our Japanese Maple is absolutely breath taking this year. So very full and rich in color. This is going to be a colorway for sure.
I’m working hard, everyday in prep for Toad Suck Daze. The stock is getting bigger and bigger everyday and I am starting to freak out just a little less as the days go by. I have truly “sprung into action”. Hope you can be inspired by the beauty around you today! ♥