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What’s up Wednesday: Main Street Food Truck Festival and more

Just a quick peek into the last couple weeks and a look ahead at lots of fun in store for The Twisted Purl.Austin in a HorsemaskAbove and below is my son wearing his goofy Horse Mask.  This boy loves to make folks laugh and this horse head just has me rolling!

The Twisted Purl is excited to be a part of the brand new establishment in downtown Conway called The Locals.  It will be the go to place for coffee, handmade local items and produce, live music, workshops, and oh so much more!  The closer we get to opening, the more information I’ll share. But for now, please go to to learn more!Horsehead with The Locals Coffee Cart Conway ArkansasOn the Felted Soap Front:  I’ve started making our super popular Christmas colors for retail stores and my upcoming shows.Christmas Felted SoapPlease be sure to order early!  The closer to the Holidays we get the busier it is and shipping tends to take a bit longer. The soaps make excellent teacher and co-worker gifts. They also fit quite nicely in a stocking. 😉Tons of Felted Soap made by The Twisted PurlShhhhhh!  I’ve been playing around with a new scent for the soaps and will be testing the market this weekend.  A new fresh clean scent may be replacing our Oatmeal and Almond soon, but I’ll let our customers make that call.Rainbow Felted Soap by The Twisted Purl available now in wholesale and bulk tooSpeaking of this weekend, come out and see me at the Main Street Food Truck Festival in downtown Little Rock. 

If you mention you read this on my website, I’ll have a little free goodie for you!

Look for The Twisted Purl tent.  It’ll be hard to miss me spinning and chatting up a storm (but hopefully there will be no storms!).  I’ll be the one with tons of yarn made by hand right here in Arkansas.  Stop by and say hi!  There will be a ton of amazing Etsy Little Rock Vendors, music, yummy food trucks, and beer.  So come hungry and leave happy!!!Main Street Food Truck Festival Little RockOur popular weaved scarves are once again available in our Etsy Shop.  It’s easy to order a custom scarf.  Just simply pick out any yarn you see in our shop (or even one you see me making on Facebook) and I’ll turn it into a scarf like the one below.Handmade Scarfs are back!In handmade yarn news:  I’ve signed up for a spinning competition next week called Spinzilla.  I’m going Rogue and seeing how many yards I can spin between October 7-13th.  I’ll be sure to share all the new yarn and post pictures of the Spinzilla adventure.

Hope you are having a wonderful week and hope to see you at the Main Street Food Truck Festival on Saturday!

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Arkansas Arts Center Yarn Bombed Fountain Fest

Arkansas Art CenterLast night was Fountain Fest at the Arkansas Arts Center.Fountain Fest Arkansas Art Center Yarn BombThe entire front of building and the fountain was yarn bombed (covered in yarn) along with the trees.  What an amazing thing to see!!!  The amount of detail is beyond comprehension.  Photos really can not capture the beauty or scale of the installation.  The work that went into this, along with the hours upon hours of knitting and crocheting is so admirable.  I am seriously in awe.  You have to see it in person!

Yarn Bombed Building Arkansas Art CenterDuring the Battle of the Brands competition, the final round was The Twisted Purl against Whole Hog Cafe.  I absolutely adore Whole Hog and Nancy and Rich.  They catered Fountain Fest and with the theme being yarn, they reached out for a bit of “yarny” help.

I was so thrilled to be a part of the event!  It was 189 degrees outside, with the humidity, I’m quite certain that’s no exaggeration.  While stringing pom-pom streamers across the tops of the tents and the fronts of the tables, sweat was pouring in my eyes.  Suffering from a sunburn from this last weekend’s activities (I’ll have to tell you all about the Razorback game in a bit) didn’t make it any easier.  But with the heat, and the sun, and the bit of work, all I could think of is “Dang this is so freaking cool!”

FountainFestMy small contributions to the event were flower vases full of yarn pom-pom flowers, a couple of yarn bombed pigs, and pom-pom streamers.

Yarn Bombed Pig and Pom Pom Flowers by The Twisted Purl

Yarn Bombed Pig and Pom Pom Flowers by The Twisted Purl

Whole Hog Cafe also graciously purchased some of our Felted Soaps and gave them to the Arkansas Arts Center who used them as thank you gifts to folks signing up for new memberships.Bowl Felted Soaps by The Twisted Purl

I’m floored at all the detail found in the yarn installation.  Everywhere you look you would find something new to gawk at.

A knit rabbit hanging out in the shade.Knit Rabbit by Tree Arkansas Art Center

A lobster by the fountain.


A cute caterpillar crawling along on a tree.

Caterpillar on Tree Knit at Arkansas Art Center

One of my favorites, a Blue Jay perched on a tree.


There was so much to see, heck, I even found Nemo.

DSC02800This public art installation is amazingly breath-taking.  Make the time to go see the Arkansas Arts Center in Little Rock while it’s still there!  Take in the beauty of the yarn bombing and then head inside to see all the gorgeous art work.

Learn more about the Arkansas Arts Center Yarn Bomb Installation by Chelsye Garrett.

A huge thank you to Whole Hog for involving me in such a phenomenal event!  I can not wait to get involved with the Arkansas Arts Center and help with more activities in the future.

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Fun Filled First Day at Arkansas Women Blogger Unplugged

Very fun filled first day at the Arkansas Women Blogger Unplugged Conference. My roommates are a blast! I’ll have to link them all for you later, but had to share a few quick pics from the day.
Why yes that would be the amazing P. Allen Smith talking to us about the importance of buying locally grown and made products. Excellent message.
Then back at the Birch Cabin…I’m bunking with some new vodka loving buddies! We all brought our own bottle. Good times indeed.
I had to do a bit of spinning. Can’t sit still. Plus it’s always easy for me to talk to new people when I’m behind my Spinning Wheel. Pictured above is the carded batt made before heading this way.

Liz snapped a cool shot of the spinning process. Spinning in my pjs.
Yep! There’s the finished handmade yarn. Great first day…and productive too! Can’t wait until tomorrow.