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Beyond Beat

On Monday I dyed. A lot. I had some yarn that looked a bit like a Hawaiian lei so I did some in red, white, and blue, also a different set in rainbow. I dyed up some silk yarn and also some blue sock yarn. The blue sock yarn is every shade of blue I had premixed in my dye cabinet. It turned out nice, and I can’t wait to see it reskeined. Today I had my slave driver friend, Jeanetta come over and help me play with all the silk scarves I ordered. We dyed 20 things! All that is pictured is the scarves. Once the bags dry I will be sure to share. Some of them turned out fantastic, others look a little like mud was slung across the dye room, but ahhhhh well…it was fun to have four hands!
The velour and silk was a very interesting fabric to play with. Above you see it in blue (which I adore!) below it is in chocolate. With the blue, brown, and red today we did sets so I will have them with small key chain/cardholder bags, and a bit larger makeup size bag. All with the silk velour. It is quite stunning to see the way the light hits them.

Tons of scarves for Toad Suck Daze. The red above is in Razorback Red!

We managed to survive the morning with very little injuries. Surprising with Luke and Brady jumping off the top bunk bed onto a mattress pulled off the lower bunk bed on the floor…I was the only one injured. I managed to stick a wooden skewer right into the middle of my forehead. The darn thing actually stuck. Once I pulled it out, it really didn’t bleed too bad…but I laughed so hard I was wiping away the tears and holding my side. Darn wooden skewers. I am really beyond beat though. I am ready for a nap…and my poor hands need a rest. Hope your crafting endeavors are successful and pleasing today, and watch out for skewers. ♥