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Arkansas Arts Center Yarn Bombed Fountain Fest

Arkansas Art CenterLast night was Fountain Fest at the Arkansas Arts Center.Fountain Fest Arkansas Art Center Yarn BombThe entire front of building and the fountain was yarn bombed (covered in yarn) along with the trees.  What an amazing thing to see!!!  The amount of detail is beyond comprehension.  Photos really can not capture the beauty or scale of the installation.  The work that went into this, along with the hours upon hours of knitting and crocheting is so admirable.  I am seriously in awe.  You have to see it in person!

Yarn Bombed Building Arkansas Art CenterDuring the Battle of the Brands competition, the final round was The Twisted Purl against Whole Hog Cafe.  I absolutely adore Whole Hog and Nancy and Rich.  They catered Fountain Fest and with the theme being yarn, they reached out for a bit of “yarny” help.

I was so thrilled to be a part of the event!  It was 189 degrees outside, with the humidity, I’m quite certain that’s no exaggeration.  While stringing pom-pom streamers across the tops of the tents and the fronts of the tables, sweat was pouring in my eyes.  Suffering from a sunburn from this last weekend’s activities (I’ll have to tell you all about the Razorback game in a bit) didn’t make it any easier.  But with the heat, and the sun, and the bit of work, all I could think of is “Dang this is so freaking cool!”

FountainFestMy small contributions to the event were flower vases full of yarn pom-pom flowers, a couple of yarn bombed pigs, and pom-pom streamers.

Yarn Bombed Pig and Pom Pom Flowers by The Twisted Purl

Yarn Bombed Pig and Pom Pom Flowers by The Twisted Purl

Whole Hog Cafe also graciously purchased some of our Felted Soaps and gave them to the Arkansas Arts Center who used them as thank you gifts to folks signing up for new memberships.Bowl Felted Soaps by The Twisted Purl

I’m floored at all the detail found in the yarn installation.  Everywhere you look you would find something new to gawk at.

A knit rabbit hanging out in the shade.Knit Rabbit by Tree Arkansas Art Center

A lobster by the fountain.


A cute caterpillar crawling along on a tree.

Caterpillar on Tree Knit at Arkansas Art Center

One of my favorites, a Blue Jay perched on a tree.


There was so much to see, heck, I even found Nemo.

DSC02800This public art installation is amazingly breath-taking.  Make the time to go see the Arkansas Arts Center in Little Rock while it’s still there!  Take in the beauty of the yarn bombing and then head inside to see all the gorgeous art work.

Learn more about the Arkansas Arts Center Yarn Bomb Installation by Chelsye Garrett.

A huge thank you to Whole Hog for involving me in such a phenomenal event!  I can not wait to get involved with the Arkansas Arts Center and help with more activities in the future.

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Simple Words for a Divine Weekend

How can I express my feelings in simple words? This weekend changed my life.Beautiful Ferncliff Campground

I faced two giant fears and came out a new person: Women and Spiders

Being an Air Force brat, we moved a lot. I moved from school to school until we settled in Fresno, California. From 6th grade on, I was in the same school, with the same people, but was always considered the “new kid”. My first circle of friends damaged my faith in girls and women. Countless days of shattered confidence, inadequacies, and tear soaked pillows brought me to the conclusion that large groups of women were evil.

In many ways, I have allowed those early school years to cheat me out of deep relationships with friends. There have only been a very select few I have trusted with the real me.

This weekend at the Arkansas Women Bloggers conference changed my perception of large groups of women. I felt love, acceptance, encouragement, and a sense of belonging. I learned, lived, and laughed more than I thought possible.Cabin in the Woods on Pond

I stayed in a cabin with one of my closest friends, Jeanetta, but was very nervous about all the empty beds. With each new person that entered, my fears starting dissipating.

Each of these beautiful ladies in our cabin felt like a gift to my soul. Each one of them touched and healed my faith in women in a way simple words can not express. Thank you to Liz, Vera, Alicia, & Katie for being authentically awesome!


With the new revelation of my cabin mates being such cool chicks, I went into the morning breakfast with a sense of security and renewed confidence. I sat at a table with ladies I didn’t know and really talked to them. (Y’all for me that’s kind of a big deal). I did the same thing at lunch. I mean, hello…I was meeting people!!!

I was taken from my comfortable, but lonely box, and put into a new, happy world of belonging and joy. In this life we need people. We are not meant to be on an island. We need community.


The second night we battled a nest of spiders and survived. (Yes an actual nest of hatching baby spiders..I know ewwwww!)  We had to get a new cabin, lost a couple of roommates (who lived close enough to travel home), and gained a new roomie.  Peggy entered as we were all jumping up and down, squealing, and squashing spiders.  Bless her heart for sticking with us and not running for the hills!

Spiders are a HUGE phobia of mine. Well, spiders and all bugs in general. One time I threw a whole glass of red wine on my poor mom while trying to get away from a moth. But that’s a story for a different time.

It was funny facing both large fears on the same weekend. My hope is the next time I have to battle a nest of baby spiders, or any other fear, I have some rock solid gals by my side with shoes ready to stomp away the angst.

I’m excited to have found a renewed faith in women and the confirmation needed to step forward confidently and say “Hi I’m Cyndi!”.  I still might squeal and scream at spiders…I mean there is only so much one can grow on a weekend…right?

My not so simple words to sum up a divine weekend?  Be brave enough to step out of your comfort zone, embrace those around you, live in the moment, be yourself, and have no regrets.  Your life is what you make it!

Knit scarf from Black and White Handspun Yarn

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Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged #AWBU

This weekend I’m heading out to my very first Arkansas Women Bloggers Retreat. I’m all excited and nervous and thrilled for the opportunity to meet some of the amazing women in my state.

Arkansas Women Bloggers

This year they are having the first ever Handmade Marketplace and I’m totally in! I’ll be bringing just a few of my favorite show sellers, like my handmade yarn (pictured below), felted soaps, and wool dryer balls.

Lots of Handmade Yarn by The Twisted Purl

I know it’s a bit early to think about Christmas, but I’ll also have a few of my Felted Soap Coal Bags. They are a fun way to tell someone to clean up their act.

Christmas Coal

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Pom Pom Craft Easy to Make Fun with Yarn

Pom Pom Craft made from Yarn and Sticks

This easy to make pom pom craft is super easy to do with just a small bit of yarn. I’m in love with this new mantel piece created this morning.

My mom has always told me stories of my grandmother being able to go into the woods and pick up items and make beautiful center pieces. I like to think this craft would make my grandmother smile.

I’ve been a big fan, and slightly addicted to making pom poms, since purchasing this super cool Pom Pom Maker.

Pom Pom Maker by Clover


The Pom Pom Maker comes in several sizes and made by Clover (you can buy your very own here or at your local craft store). When I first discovered this little crafty gadget, my dear friend Jeanetta and I went on a pom pom making spree. We yarn bombed a friend’s office with bright rainbow-colored pom poms. If you want to see the album on Facebook of our pom pom bombing adventure, please check it out here.



Yarn on Pom Poms on sticks


To make this new mantel piece I simply used all natural creamy colored yarn and made pom poms with the handy pom pom maker. I went out into the yard and found fallen sticks from our pine trees. I used my husband’s pocket knife to strip the bark from the sticks. The pom pom inserts very easy on the stick end and are tied securely to the top of the stick with the strands used to tie together the pom poms. After a quick trim of the longer strands and any out of place yarn, the Pom Pom Sticks were then arranged in a flower vase.


Yarn Pom Pom Craft Center Piece


Waaalaaa! Easy, beautiful, handmade mantel piece. This would also make a great center piece for a table. I love finding quick and easy things to do with yarn and fun pom pom crafts. What’s your favorite?