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Play Time

Every six weeks or so, the hubby has to work the weekend shift. I hate those weekends. Well, not as much as HE hates them I am sure…but being a single mom for the weekend presents many challenges. With the weather being rather gray and cold, it is difficult to keep them entertained throughout the day. I thought, why not let them paint their own roving? First it started with them changing into yucky clothes, then they were handed the roving. You can see the “ham” in all of them coming out. Daisy wanted in on the fun, but she had to head to her crate.

After the roving soaked for about 30 minutes, it was time for the creative process to begin. Must start with the plastic gloves (I didn’t want to get the dye on the boys hands!). Below is Brady modeling his spiffy gloves.
Painting Time!!!
The boys chose their colors and carefully started the process.

There were jars of dye EVERYWHERE!!!
This was Drew’s final product:

Here is Austin’s:
And Brady’s too:

After it was all over, I steam set the colors…and the roving actually looks pretty much the same. Little variations here and there. Once the roving dries I will be sure to put up some pictures! More pictures will come once I spin it up. The boys are excited about naming their own yarn.

The entire process really only took about an hour. Who knows what we will do tomorrow! ♥

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To Craft Show or Not

Next month, there is a craft show in Jonesboro that I feel drawn to be a part of. It is located in a church. BUT, it is a juried show. Those scare me. When I did the convention with Deb and Laurie, they both told me I should have no fears of juried shows. But still…ah! I am going to try it. The worst they can say is no.