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Supermoon and Super Farm Visit

Supermoon March 24, 2011
Photo of Supermoon March 19, 2011 from Conway, Arkansas

I seriously adore my camera!  I shot this picture of the Supermoon a couple weekends ago.  It was just too cool to not share!  The same weekend we took a fun, but necessary trip to a local farm.

Recently, my sister and I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Rojo Family Farm just outside of Conway.  They have chickens, ducks, pigs, alpaca, angora rabbits, and dogs.  They really love their animals!

Our small fiber family included an Angora Rabbit named Bert, whom was being kept by my sister and her husband.  They have a huge love for animals as well, with their three cats and two dogs, and Bert.

Bert the Angora Rabbit

Some of you may remember Bert from seeing him at some of our shows.  He was always a big hit!

Sad to say, but completely understandable, my sister needed to find a new home for Bert.  They have a baby on the way, and Bert was one animal too many for the family.

Martha Rojo agreed to taking Bert and adding him to her fiber family.

Bert has several angora buddies to hop around with now, and he will be very loved!  No doubt!  I will be purchasing fiber from the Rojo’s in the near future.  I can’t wait to have more local fiber to share.  Especially with the Conway Downtown Farmer’s Market starting up.

There were wonderful sights to see everywhere we turned.  The animals were all very friendly.  I’m excited to say they will be adding 2 more alpaca to their fiber family the end of this month.  I’ll be going back to take more pictures of the babies and I will be sure to share!

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Welcome Change

Daisy Dreading Change

Over the years, I have learned to embrace change.  My darling dog, Daisy, on  the other hand has not.  Inevitably,  every time we get out a suitcase, she hides her head under the blanket.  Runs when we pack the car.  Barks when we change the channel, well, maybe not all the time.

The Twisted Purl is undergoing some major changes.  We just moved servers so we can offer you much more yarn eye candy and goodies.  Since everything else was moving, our blog had to make the move as well.

We’re moving from our HOT MESS of an old blog found HERE to our  new site. (wooowoooo!)

Over the next couple weeks we will move some of our more popular posts.

I, unlike Daisy, am looking forward to the change.  ♥

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The Twisted Purl now has More than Yarn…

The Twisted Purl is proud to announce the expansion of our online shop to now include Patterns for You and Supplies for You.
In our Pattern Section you will find a mixture of Older Knitting, Crochet, and Crafting Magazines, Vintage Pattern Books, and more.

Supplies for You will have Knitting Needles, Felting Kits, Spinning Kits, and much more.

On top of all this we will always have plenty of Handspun or Hand Painted Yarn, Felted Soaps, and Weaved Scarves.
Our Facebook Page is the best place to stay connected.  Twitter is always good too!