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The New Wheel is Here

Today, sitting on my front porch was a glorious sight. An Ashford Wheels & Looms box. Bet you can guess what was in it… Ta Da! A brand spanking new spinning wheel. An Ashford Joy Spinning Wheel. It was so exciting. I almost cried. Yes, I am a big spinning dork…I know. She is so very pretty! Check her out.
The wheel folds up flat for easy travels. Also has a build in lazy kate. Ashford is engraved on both sides of the wheel.
I love the way she spins too. No fussy treadles and slipping wheel. Just smooth, smooth spinning.

On a different note, just in time for Memorial Day, I am listing some Americana funky painted yarn. Very bulky and super unique. My mail was ever so exciting today. I had a couple cute things sent to me as a special thank you and this was one of them. Cute sticker!

Off to enjoy my new wheel! ♥