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Dear Local Yarn Shop Please Help

Dear Local Yarn Shop this is my plea to you,

I need your help to spread the word about our GoFundMe Campaign to raise funds to buy a Vintage Camper for use as a Mobile Yarn Studio.

My name is Cyndi Minister, the owner of The Twisted Purl (  I’m an indie fiber artist and make handspun yarn among other handmade fiber creations.  I’ve recently had national news coverage for winning my state’s Battle of the Brands competition.

Sample of The Twisted Purl Handmade Yarn

I’m just a small town crafty gal with a really big dream I’m trying to turn into a reality.  I’d love to have a mobile yarn studio to travel to local yarn shops, like yours, and do more shows and festivals nationwide.  I’ve launched a GoFundMe campaign to secure the funds to do just that, but could really use your help.

My hope is working together with your Local Yarn Shop could be mutually beneficial.  You can help spread the word about my Indie Fiber Artist dream and I can help spread the word about your business.

The plan to help fund this crazy dream is to give you a Flyer and ask if you could print it and put it in your yarn shop. Encourage your patrons to donate to help fund The Twisted Purl mobile yarn studio (“Portable Purl”).

For every donation from your store’s customers, I will do a social media shout out through my Twitter account and mention your store. I’d also like to mention your store’s participation through my Facebook Page This will get more attention drawn to your store too.

If your store gets the very most donations, you win the very first trunk show with the Portable Purl.

I’ll bring my mobile studio directly to your store, set up, and give you back a percentage of my sales for the day.

On a side note: During any of my yarn store trunk shows I plan on putting a basket on the table, anyone who visits can pick out fibers from my stash of their choice into the basket. When the show is concluded I will turn that basket into a yarn and name it after your store. You would get this yarn back to sell in your store.

One of my main goals in owning a Travel Shop/Studio is being able to bring more local and national awareness to the local yarn shop through trunk shows on location while sharing my love and passion of fiber arts with the nation. I want to share the entire creative process of choosing fibers, carding, and spinning with anyone who wants to see also giving them the opportunity to get their hands on my handmade yarn. I just love using all this high-tech savvy stuff to promote my primitive hand craft. With this mobile option, I hope to reach a lot more people and bring more awareness to Indie Fiber Artists and Local Yarn Shops.

This is an all or nothing campaign. If I do not reach the goal of $5,000 by the end of the campaign, any money that has been donated will be returned to the contributor.

I’ve released a Press Release nationwide and hope they will cover what local yarn stores are doing to help fund this dream as well.

If you would like to be involved, you totally rock!!!  Please let me know so I can share with my social media circles.

Let your customer know if they donate to mention your yarn store in the comment (or you could collect donations and make a daily deposit in your store’s name…whatever is easiest and works best for you). Every dollar adds up and I know I can’t do this without your help.

Click Here for Printable Store Flyer

There are reward incentives for each donation level as well.  More information about our GoFundMe campaign can be found at this link:

Please call or reply with questions.  The campaign is live and if you can help spread the word please do so as soon as you can!  The clock on my 14 days is quickly ticking down.  Thank you so very much for your time!

Cyndi Minister
Crazy Yarn Lady behind The Twisted Purl

Cyndi (at) The Twisted Purl (dot) com