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Knit 2 Together

On Tuesday night, Jeanetta and I made a short trip over to Russellville to attend the new yarn shop’s knitting night. This is an absolute must for any yarn-aholics anywhere!

The shop is located in downtown Russellville, click here to see the map to their shop.

OK, so I have to admit, since I really started getting into the production of yarn, I have become a total yarn snob. I scoff at yarn sold at Walmart, I barely want to reach out and even touch the yarn at Hobby Lobby, and in recent excursions to certain yarn shops I rarely see anything I find worth of taking out my wallet to purchase. I feel very strongly about yarn made here in America and also even more strongly about yarn WELL created. Now you know my dark secret…I am a yarn snob. Being a snob, I only like the best, and only approve of the best.

With all that being said, Knit 2 Together is exquisite. A majority of their yarn is handmade and if it is not handmade it is well worth knitting or crocheting with. I wanted to touch everything! They had this amazing baby alpaca that I just squealed over. It was the softest, yummiest fiber ever. I had to buy some and am in the process of knitting a pillow for my couch so I can curl up with it anytime I like. They also carry some very unique handspun yarn from Ozark Handspun. I am very impressed with the two ladies who own the shop, Stephanie and Kim. They are not the typical yarn shop owners. When you walk into their store, you are made to feel welcome. They have an excellent eye for yarn and fiber and this will be a store I frequent for many years to come.

Lastly, my sheepish feeling is passing. My computer depression is lifting and I am starting to feel like getting back into the swing of things. Last night there was a silver lining in my rain cloud. Don’t you just adore the picture above? It’s Truman from Martha’s Vineyard Fiber Farm. He is napping and enjoying the sun. This picture really sums up my sheepish feeling today. ♥