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Handspun Yarn in HD

I now see yarn in HD. Before all my yarn was flat and although there were those “that’s pretty” moments…I now see in full definition. This morning, playing around on my wheel I made this:It’s the type of yarn I thought I had to purchase pre-made. It’s almost like a boucle, but not. Thick and thin and loops and a dream come true!

There have been three definite “Ah Ha” moments of clarity in my life. Once was when I got glasses for the first time and miraculously saw all the leaves on all the trees. That was fantastic! The next was when we purchased our 52″ HD TV and again I saw all the leaves on the tree. This is my fiber artist “Ah Ha” moment. I can make the kind of yarn I never dreamed possible. I see the leaves!

Yes, so I may be being a bit dramatic…but do you expect any less??? I mean really! Come on now…I started with this:Some good old fashion wool. Soft, luscious, but not exactly something you can put on to keep you warm. Then I took my spinning wheel and filled a bobbin full of of spun yarn. Then I took some organic bamboo and cotton thread and plied it together. Honestly, I love this yarn like a newborn child. I can see hats and scarfs and sweaters. Where are my knitting needles???


In other fiber related news…I made some other yummy yarn. I have been playing around with my hand carders and made some batts out of alpaca, silk, angora, and multiple bits of left over painted wool. I spun that up and adored it’s depth and ever changing colors. Then, with the help of my 12 year old son, we strung hundreds of beads onto some thread. Then plied the two together.The end result is not short of fantastic.And just in case there hasn’t been enough eye candy for you fiber fanatics out there then feast your eyes on this! The other night, at a football game the sun was setting in the most spectacular array of colors. So I had to spin it up:

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Is the Rain Washing Away your Vibrant Color Yarn Mood?

Rain has been flooding us out here! It seems like the gray days has put me behind in everything. You’d think with the lack of color outside I’d be spreading good cheer and brightness with some vibrant new yarns. Not so…look at my newest creation made straight from my drop spindle:

It may be gray, but it sure is pretty! It is tencil and merino. It has that lovely shimmer that the camera never captures correctly.

This new yarn has a dab of color. It’s 100% Merino and super soft. The colors are white, purple, and green. All looking rather washed out, as the weather has made us all feel!I am SOOOO ready for some football! New team for my oldest this year. He is now playing for our middle school team. Woohoo! His first game was last Saturday and we won. Oh yeah! Nice way to start off the season.

It has been quite awhile since I posted anything to the blog. Things here were crazy getting the kids ready for school. Of course there was the maddening boredom that encompasses the kids at the end of the summer. But now I am free! My youngest started Kindergarten and I am free to create and dye and spin all day long. I sure do miss my little helper, but you know…maybe now I’m not in so much danger for being fined for child labor laws. 😉
Talking about missing vibrant colors…well let’s not talk about that anymore! This is what is on the spinning wheel as I type. It’s literally calling my name in the next room to hurry up and get it finished. It will not be plied. I’m spinning it really thick. So it will be gorgeous when it’s done. Lastly, you know how I said I’ve been behind…well here is this month’s Fiber of the Month (for those in the spinning club). I worked up a bit of it, just for fun on my drop spindle.

With the markets winding down for the year, I plan on opening up my Etsy shop once again. Once I get some things posted I’ll be sure to share!

OK, on a totally bizarre, and non-fiber related subject. This thing is too weird. It is a Wampus Cat. It is our town’s high school mascot. I know, odd.

More to come, super soon! I won’t take as long for another update next time….really. ♥

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New Yarns

With the recent trip to Vermont, I acquired loads of new fiber. The last trip I took, I bought up handmade yarn everywhere I went. This time, it was fiber! The best shop I found, surprisingly, was not in Vermont at all. It was Rainbow Yarns and Fibres in Germantown, Tennessee. They had a full line of spinning fibers and even had some spiffy bags of bits and pieces to spin into some art yarn from Pagewood Farm. First thing I did when I got home was spin this very unique art yarn.


It has sparkles and curls and thick and thin places and it is wonderful.

I got a couple of balls of super cool hand painted fibers from A Piece of Vermont:

022 023

I will show off what these beauties look like spun up later this week.

Two more finished yarns to show off…the green was a blended roving I purchased at Vermont Beads and Fiber, the red was from my favorite fiber farm right around the corner from my mom’s, Chasworth Pottery and Farm.



These two may end up plied together for a nice Christmas Handspun.

Speaking of Chasworth Farm, I have bags full of yummy Vermont Grown Fiber. Much more yarn will be coming your way from this awesome farm. ♥

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Family Camp, Birthday, Yarn

This year we went to MarVal Camp in Oklahoma. It was a pretty awesome camp ground. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants the camping experience, in a cabin, with WiFi. We went with a group from our church. Drew was baptised in the river during the weekend (YAY!). We had lots of fun fishing, participating in a Light Parade (we went crazy with glow sticks on our golf cart), and goofing around with the Hawaiian Theme. Of course, Daisy went along for the trip. She barked at loads of people, and tried to put across that “mean dog, little body” attitude. Have a look at pictures from our trip:

So, on the 11th of June, I turned 33. I can’t believe I’m 33, really, for some reason I thought I was turning 34 for a good part of the week. When I was informed, by my sister, I would only be 33, it was great! I gained a year, go figure. We had an informal party at our house with some of my favorite people and some of my favorite things.

How do I love beer….let me count the ways…one. Well, there really is only one way, right? OK maybe three. My sister and Matt came home from Vermont with four jugs of beer to help celebrate my birthday. Yum, yum, yum! Beer from The Shed totally rocks!

Here’s a little knitting bag, from Mama Deb. They are awfully handy to have around and would recommend them to anyone. You can find more of them in her etsy shop.

Dad and Deb have been collecting old yarn bobbins for me over the last six months and gave them to me for a birthday present. One even still had yarn attached…super cool!
OK, this is sad. For any of you who have had a look at my etsy shop, you know, I have not listed anything in quite awhile. Here is my handmade stash just waiting for me to get off my lazy bum and start listing. What am I waiting for???
And lastly, just to add some “bling” to the post…well yarn bling that is, some new handspun bulky:
Lastly, is pure barnyarn handspun. This is a blend of four different wools I recently received. Instead of carding them, I spun them straight in their natural glory. I left some of the curly locks hanging out in the open and did not even ply it. Gotta love it!
Til the next post…happy crafting! ♥