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Give the Gift of Yarn this Year

2010 will be the Year of the Yarn
Yarn addicts everywhere are wishing their families could some how grasp how much yarn means to them. To the average man…yarn to us is like a Sunday with the perfect football line up and a fridge full of beer. To the average child…yarn to us is like having full access to a toy shop and getting to take anything home anytime. Yarn means a lot! With it’s textures and bumps and twists and turns, each skein is a new, exquisite, and breathtakingly indulgent.
So, you may ask…well if I know my wife, sister, friend, mother, aunt, cousin, neighbor loves yarn so much, then what am I supposed to do about it?  Easy, I’m here to help.  My goal after all is to enable all the yarn addicts in the world.  I’m offering a limited time Gift Membership into my exclusive Yarn of the Month Club.
For a small fee of $35.00, your loved one will get a one month subscription.  In the mailbox, they will receive one skein of yarn, from 100 to 150 yards (at least a $35 value).  This will not just be any old yarn you can find at your local retail store…no!  This will be an unique creation, made just for them.  The fibers will be carded, hand painted (using only professional wash fast dyes), and then carefully handspun on my spinning wheel.  They will also get a freebie or two and maybe even a pair of knitting needles.  Shipping, via USPS Priority Mail, is included in the price as well as any applicable taxes (a $5 value).  Now depending on how much you want to hear your favorite yarnaholic squeal, we do also have 3 month memberships for $85 and 6 month memberships for only $155 (remember each month is at least a $40 value).
For the 1 Month Subscription Click Here
For the 3 Month Subscription Click Here
For the 6 Month Subscription Click Here
Included with your Gift Membership Purchase is a nifty little Gift Card to give to your loved one. The card will be perfect to put under the tree or in a stocking. It’s the perfect precursor of things to come. Your yarnaholic will adore you for this well thought out gift. And Christmas will continue for into the next year.
A very limited amount of memberships will be sold this year, as I am only one sole trying to provide the world with spectacular yarn.  Gift Membership start in January and ship out during the middle of each month.  If there are certain colors combos you do not like or would really like, please let me know during ordering, or anytime during your membership.  Each skein is handspun with you in mind and I will try my best to fulfill your color desires.  I’m easy going and chatty, so feel free to pass on my email to the gift recipient  and let them know I’m here to help!
This yarn could be on your loved ones needles.  Hey, if you are lucky enough…maybe they will make something spiffy for you!
To all my darling Yarnaholics, if this is something you want for Christmas, please let your loved ones know.  As stated before, a very limited number of subscriptions will be sold, and spaces are filling up quickly.  Join The Twisted Purl’s Yarn of the Month Club and lets make 2010 be the Year of the Yarn.  As always ‘Happy Crafting!’ ♥